Women’s Daily Exercise Program for 2020 Year : How to Do Daily Woman Exercise?


Lifting weights is no longer unique to men’s world! Women also take great care of their exercise programs and add movements like “hitting the bench“ or “squat” to their daily training programs. They do this not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to take advantage of the health benefits of sports.

Lifting more weight can help strengthen joints and improve sports performance, among other health benefits. However, leg and glute muscle groups are the priority parts for women. Along with these, other body parts show themselves day by day in the mirror!

Which exercies should women do daily easily without sport tools?

Are you ready for your body to be filled with energy? You will reach your goal with these compound exercises in the Power Cardio training plan. This system, which targets more than one muscle group at the same time, also functions as cardio. You will use compound movements to get the most out of your time. The cardio program allows you to train your legs, abdomen and other muscle groups at the same time.

This training program, that known as slimming exercise movements,  is both short-lived and guarantees an intense sporting experience! You can stay fit without going to the gym by doing these exercises at home.

What is a good woman exercise routine for beginners? Tips and advices for housewifes

Before you start the exercise our advice is to wear play up short for women. This will give you a free movement chance while doing your sport. Under Armour’s women’s play up shorts for perfect for these exercices. Here those exercise program for women:

1. Side Plank

How to do? : Lie on your left side as your knees straight. Lift your upper body with the support of your left elbow by getting help from your arm. Lift your hips until your body forms a straight line from your wrists to your shoulders. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. When the right side is completed, turn to the other side to reach out and repeat.

2. Pushup

How to do? Put your whole body down and put your hands on the floor. This will keep your feet closer and your shoulders in an open position. Lower your entire body until there is a small distance between your chest and the floor. And then you should push yourself back to the beginning position. Be sure to raise your hips and hold your abdomen steady throughout the movement!

What is the best exercise for women? 2020 woman sport and exercise tips

3. Second Position Plies

How to do? Spread your legs wider than your shoulder when standing. Open your toes slightly out. Bend your knees with your thighs parallel to the floor and lower your body. Open your arms slightly and pull your shoulders back. Complete the movement with your hands on your waist. Then slowly return to the starting position.

4. Cardio Intervals

How to do? Select any cardio equipment (elliptical, jumping rope, treadmill, bike, etc.) and repeat the following training program 10 times:

1. At 50 percent of your maximum effort, you can complete the action after 3 minutes.

2. At 75 percent of your maximum effort, you can complete the action after 20 seconds.3. You can complete the movement after 10 seconds in your absolute maximum effort.

If you have learned our tips, then it’s time to shopping! Do you need a women play up short? Here our woman sport wearing shopping advices:

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