What is Smart WiFi Light Bulb? Smart Light Bulb Technology Review

One of the latest things that the technology has been mentored was the light bulb. What is a technology called a smart bulb? What do smart bulbs do? How to use smart bulbs? You can find answers to all questions in our content below.

Although the technology of recent years led bulbs are actually sold in the market, they did not keep much in our country due to their price and habits. Led technology is actually the highest technology reached by lighting. Additionally, it protects your pocket and nature with its high efficiency, low energy consumption. Led bulbs with wide color options also allows everyone to choose a product according to the taste. Smart bulbs developed on the basis of all these offers us the following opportunities.

How to Use Bluetooth-Wifi Led Smart Bulbs?

As you know bulbs you can easily plug into the lamp holder yourself. They have a processor and wireless control system in smart bulbs. It is possible to control the light bulbs from the phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. To do so, just download the necessary application to the phone. For those controlled by Wi-Fi, let’s remind you that you need a modem connection over the ethernet network.

Using of Wifi Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs using LED technology offer a wide range of colors. You can choose from thousands of color shades. You can increase and decrease the brightness and contrast of the light. So if you want you can create a dim and romantic atmosphere with the color of light. You can also use it as a night light at your home and business place.

It is possible to control the bulbs within 10-20 meters for those controlled via bluetooth. For Wi-Fi variants, you can turn the lamp on and off from the other side of the world. And at the same time, you can use it as a deterrent against theft.

Both Lamp and Speaker Smart Wifi Light Bulb

These bulbs, which have a built-in speaker with recently developed variants, are fashionable in recent years. In addition to lighting, these bulbs can play the music you turn on from your phone. Thus, it can provide you with a variety of services to create pleasant environments.

You can turn the environment into a disco if you want with smart bulbs that also offer light games with music. When you want to calm down, you can make soft color transitions with relaxing music. So you can get a bulb that can give you therapy.

These smart wifi bulbs stand out with time adjustment function as well. These bulbs can also play music and function as an alarm.

Light bulbs that can play light games using the smartphone’s sensors continue to be developed. Many brands in the market entered this sector.

How Long is the Life of Smart Bulbs? Life of Led Wifi Bulbs

The lifetime of smart bulbs varies between 5 and 10 years on average. These bulbs burn at the time intervals you set when you are not at home, allowing you to make your home look full of thieves. When you enter the time you want the smart bulb to turn off, the bulb turns off automatically. And it can be reopened at the time you want it to open in the morning.

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