What is a solar lamp, how does it work? Solar lighting review and information

Why spend time indoors when you can enjoy the outdoors in spring and summer? We know you think like us. This is precisely why balconies and gardens are among the most commonly used areas of homes in these seasons. What about energy saving in your garden and balcony, as in the whole house? How do you do that? Of course thanks to solar lamps!

What is Solar Lighting?

Solar lighting systems are products that get the needed energy for lighting from the sun. Thanks to solar-powered lamps, you don’t need to plug in lighting products, in other words, you don’t need electrical energy.

How Solar Lighting Works?

Solar lighting products store the energy they need for their work in their batteries during daylight hours (when there is sun). Thanks to this energy obtained by using daylight and transformed into electricity, the environment can be automatically illuminated in the evening and at night.

What are the Advantages of Solar Lighting?

If you want to make your time in your garden or balcony more enjoyable, you should pay attention to both decorating these areas and making these points safe. To do this, you should definitely use garden lighting! If you need tips on how to make garden lighting, you can take a look at our article from below.

So, what are the advantages of solar garden or balcony lighting? Why should you prefer solar lighting products instead of electric products?

Taking advantage of the solar garden lighting applications means that you will not consume electrical energy. So you can save money.

Choosing a solar garden lamp will help you save money as well as protect the nature.

Solar energy products that you can easily use in outdoor lighting are offered in different designs. In this way, you can choose according to your needs and decoration style.

Contrary to popular belief, the price options for solar lamps are very reasonable. This allows you to have both nature and saving-friendly product without tiring your budget.

How Solar Powered Products Work in Garden Lighting?

You need to do garden lighting work in the gardens both to ensure safety and to contribute to the overall beauty of your home. Now you can choose from dozens of different lighting options. Designed for use in gardens, luminaires, lighting poles and many other product options can also create a style in these areas.

In recent years, the use of solar products in garden lighting is becoming more widespread. Products that provide lighting by using solar energy can bring significant savings in energy use. So, how do solar garden lighting products work?

Working Principle of Solar Products in Garden Lighting

In these products, photovoltaic cells are the carriers of the electronic circuit in the product, but they are located on the upper part. The sun’s rays strike the surface of the photovoltaic cell and the photons present in these rays are absorbed. This absorption causes the electrons to jump to the other side of the cell. Bypassing occurs on both sides of the cell and the circuit is completed. So an electricity emerges and this makes the garden lighting products work.

Electricity can be used immediately or stored according to the design of the product. Storage products are used in the lighting product designs are used. However, this battery should be the type of battery that can provide the storage of the energy obtained from the sun’s rays in the form of chemical energy.

It is possible to get full performance from solar garden lighting products. However, in order to get full performance from solar powered lighting products, some issues need to be considered. First of all, you should make sure that you place the product in an area where you can see the sun clearly. Be sure to regularly clean the top or side panels receiving solar energy. These panels should not be dusted. If the panel is dusted, these dusts prevent the panel from making full use of the sun’s rays. Instead of washing the panels of the products, you should wipe the panels with a damp cloth.

Options for Your Needs: Solar Garden Lighting Types

As we mentioned, the range of solar products has a wide range of decoration and response to your needs. Now, let’s examine the types of solar lighting.

You can position the bar solar-powered products that you can use to illuminate the walkways of your garden, the doorway or the garden. All you need is a soft ground like earth!

Lanterns are among the indispensable products of gardens and balconies. If you want to include lantern lighting products outdoors, you will find designs that match your decoration style! These products convert natural energy into electrical energy; metal, plastic, fiber.

Dog, dwarf, stone.. Solar lighting products draw attention with not only their usefulness but also their different designs. You can choose designs that suit your taste and place them on your balcony or in your garden.

Solar products are not just external products such as sticks or lanterns. For example, if you have a cage chandelier on your balcony, you can save money and protect nature by choosing solar light bulbs.

It is definitely a great idea to prefer solar lighting in gardens and balconies. You should buy it now. Do you need our product advices? You can check these products for shopping:

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