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Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition Review : January 2020

Darksiders Genesis Pc Nephilim Edition now available on the internet. Therefore we wanted to review this game for our visitotrs. Returning to the forefront in 2018 with the release of the third episode, the Darksiders saga returns faster than expected with a spin-off: Darksiders Genesis. Unlike canonical opus, this new title switches the license into the genre of hack’n slash in top view, while offering for the first time a cooperation mode. Will this be enough to give a second breath to the series? In any case, here is everything you need to know about this episode.

Darksiders Genesis Review and Game Play : Price of Nephilim Edition of Darksiders Genesis for 2020

We have good news for Darksiders Genesis Nephilim waiters because it is on sale now! Only 5,000 limited units will be distributed worldwide. This “Nephilim” edition includes, in addition to the elements mentioned above, a Darksiders: The Forbidden Land board game including 61 mini figurines, a customized die and more than 400 cards. Displayed price: $379.99. More details on this board game will be given later, but a first overview is given in the video below.

How to Play Darksiders Genesis? Detailed Review and Game Play Guide

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What is Darksiders Genesis? – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Darksiders Genesis is a slash hack from above, which makes it look like a Diablo-like. It is developed by Airship Syndicate (Battle Chasers: Nightwar), a studio made up of former members of Vigil Games, the team that created the license. The title is edited by THQ Nordic.

Is it possible to play cooperatively the Darksiders Genesis?

Yes, both locally and online with your friends. Players can choose between War and Strife and explore the many dungeons offered by the game in pairs.

How to control the two characters solo in Darksiders Genesis?

Do not panic for players who would prefer to experience the adventure alone, since Darksiders Genesis does not necessarily need to be played cooperatively. The skills of the two characters are useful for progressing, but you can quickly switch between heroes at the touch of a button. The change is instantaneous, allowing you to create combos between War and Strife, even solo.

Is there loot in the Darksiders Genesis game?

Given these hack’n slash allures, the game obviously offers loot mechanics, like Darksiders II. However, this does not concern equipment, but runes called “Creature Cores”. They will be used to personalize the powers and abilities of the two heroes. By equipping these items, certain skills will undergo modifications, and characters will also receive passive bonuses.

Is it possible to use the frames in Darksiders Genesis?

As good Apocalypse Horsemen as they are, War and Strife will be able to use their loyal steed to advance within the Underworld. It will be possible to mount them as well to explore as to take speed enemies in combat.

Darksiders Genesis : Are the platform and the fights the same as in the other games?

Even with a change of camera, the heart of the gameplay remains true to the Darksiders spirit. It will be possible to find skills and sequences of moves well known to War, which we knew in the first episode. The platform aspect does not disappear either, since the dungeons will offer phases that will test your agility, just like your logic since the puzzles will also be part of it.

How long will it take to complete the Darksiders Genesis game?

Despite its status as a spin-off, Darksiders Genesis had to occupy us for a good ten hours beforehand. But the developers confirmed that the title’s ambition was ultimately greater than expected, and that it would take 15 hours of play before seeing the end, at least on the side of the main story. In short, it’s a similar lifespan to the other three episodes.

When and on which consoles is the Darksiders Genesis game will be released?

Darksiders Genesis is scheduled for December 5, first on PC (with a physical version also planned) and on Google Stadia. The title will still be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch, both in physical and dematerialized versions, but only from February 14.

Does the Darksiders Genesis game have collector editions?

The title will be entitled to two collector editions. The first edition contains the following items:

The game in a premium box

An artbook

The game soundtrack

A steelbook


A 23 cm figurine of Strife

Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition for Pc Have Released 

Price of Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition

Another edition, called Nephilim, nowadays on sale and ask from you to pay 379.99 dollars and will be limited to 5,000 copies. It includes the same elements as the collector’s version, with Darksiders: The Forbidden Land as a bonus, a huge saga board game that contains mini-figures of all the main characters in the series.

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