VR helmet purchase guide – virtual reality? Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

VR Headset

The VR headset immerses you in a virtual world for an immersive experience. A technology reserved for adults or large adolescents! VR for Virtual Reality, or VR for Virtual Reality, is now often supplemented by AR for Augmented Reality, or AR for Augmented Reality. This consists of superimposing virtual elements on the real world … and is enriched by Leap Motion technology, a gesture recognition device allowing to control an environment with the fingers, without controller or mouse.

What is a Vr headset for? Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

Imagine wrap-around glasses that completely cover the eyes. In these glasses that completely isolate you from the outside world, a 3-dimensional image is projected. Since the image follows your movements and moves with you, you have the impression of really experiencing the situation projected before your eyes … and of parachuting, handling a precision tool or diving under the sea! Simulations for fun, sometimes educational or even therapeutic purposes.

What ages can use a VR headset? Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

While VR can be educational, the technology is not suitable for children. Yours claim it? Show them: each helmet indicates usage restrictions, and most are prohibited for children under the age of 12, sometimes 13 or 14.

How does a VR headset work? Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

A virtual reality headset is a personalized miniature screen placed on the nose. On its surface are displayed 3D images giving the impression of being in relief, with a field of vision up to 180 Β°. Position sensors are integrated into the helmet or a series of complementary accessories: gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer detect movements, applied to the recalculated images in real time to follow your gestures. From where the impression that the decoration moves with you! VR smartphone headsets adopt a different function: they do not integrate a screen, but magnifying lenses. The smartphone itself, placed in the helmet, plays the role of the screen.

The different types of virtual reality

To choose the right VR headset, think support: you will not choose the same virtual reality headset to watch videos on a smartphone, play on a PC gaming system or on a video game console!

The Vr headset for pc

Offering the most realistic simulations, the VR PC headset is designed to work with a computer … provided that the computer in question is designed to support virtual reality! For gaming addicts, a powerful PC suitable for video games in virtual reality is essential in order to take advantage of the performance of VR headsets for PC. These headsets integrate a series of sensors to transcribe your gestures in the game environment with the greatest possible precision. Jump, lower yourself, get up: you no longer feel like playing a game, but move around in the game.

What vr headset for pc? Oculus Rifts S Pc Gaming Set

The best known virtual reality headset for PC is the Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset, comfortable, relatively accessible and very efficient. HTC Vive headsets are also acclaimed for their quality. In any case, always check the compatibility of the headset with your model of gaming PC!

The autonomous vr headphones

Neither PC gaming, nor game console, nor adapted smartphone? Opt for a fully autonomous VR headset. These little gems of technology will allow you to play various games without a wireless or compatible device, simply with headphones and sometimes joysticks.

Vr helmet for Playstation and Xbox One

The virtual reality headset for a game console works like a VR PC headset. It plugs into a compatible console or, increasingly, connects wirelessly … provided you have a latest generation console and VR video games.

Vr headset for smartphone

Are you looking for the cheapest solution to discover virtual reality? The VR smartphone headset is made for you, you just need to slide your smartphone directly into the headset. Only downside, the quality of immersion in VR depends on the performance of the smartphone. If you dream of a 4K VR headset, so should your smartphone be too!

What Vr headset for ps4?

If you’re playing on PlayStation, the Playstation / PS4 VR headset is called Sony PS VR. Accessible, it can be completed with different accessories depending on compatible video games.

What Vr headset for Xbox One?

Currently, the Xbox One console is not compatible with virtual reality… so there is no Xbox One VR headset. The continuation with the next Microsoft novelties!
Do you need a great VR headset for your gaming experience? Then here our shopping advices:

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