V-Neck Tunic Dress

The Casual loose V-Neck Tunic Dress is a must-have for all women who want to look elegantly graceful this festive season. The dress is a V-neck and it is available in plenty of colors. The sleeves can be tight fit, or loose fit according to your preference and the length of the sleeve can also be according to your choice, comfort and preference. The best part about this V-neck Tunic dress is that it comes in a vibrant variety of designs. Choose polka dots, stripes, solid colors or colorful prints or floral: it is all up to you. You can even wear a belt with it in case you desire a more slim fit appearance.  


The tunic dress is light in weight and it can be flexibly matched with a variety of clothing’s because it perfectly fits all kinds of occasions. The casual and comfortable nature of this tunic dress makes it extremely suitable for gifting it to you. It has a relaxed style which will give you a pleasing wearing experience. These features make it suitable for you to wear it at parties, at work, while shopping or on a date and so on. The fabric is extremely soft and the greatest advantage is that it can be worn on all kinds of weather.  Apart from these features, you can choose the material based on your preferences.  The fabric of the V-neck tunic dress can be of polyester, or cotton or cotton blend or any other material which you find comfortable. As already mentioned, the color can be according to your preference as well. Rest assured, you would not have to worry on the occasions of usage of this V-neck tunic dress. 

The flow appearance of the tunic dress makes it more appealing and different from other outfits. Owing to its flexible nature, you can creatively pair it up with necklaces, scarves, hats, booties, jackets, and so much more. The sleeves can be double stitched or single stitched as per your preference and the design of the sleeves can be suited to your preference too. Ask for ruffle sleeves, or pleated ones and it is available. The V-neck Tunic dress also has pockets (single or double) which it makes it worthy of buying.


  • Flexible, can be paired up well with accessories. 
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Loose fit 
  • Relaxed and sporty 
  • Skin friendly material 


  • If you are someone who does not like flow loose fit dresses then possibly it’s not for you. But then, every good thing is worth a first try, isn’t it?

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Get this dress, flip your hair right and you will be already donning outfit of the day!

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