The most important things you should know about perfume before buying

Today we will review the things you should know about perfume pefore shopping. Your personality is your perfume. So it is useful to know these 9 rules when buying perfumes!

How do you find the right perfume?

The best time to buy a perfume is the morning hours. At that time, the sense of smell is still awake and daily odors are not yet in the air. But it is still worth saying that the nose is tired very easily.

So much so that after just three smelling, your nose begins to have a hard time distinguishing between the perfumes. Nevertheless, it can distinguish six scents from different notes.

That’s why experts say that the best way to re-clean our sense of smell is smelling a fresh coffee. The aroma of coffee neutralizes all other fragrances and gives you the opportunity for your next choices.

When and how should perfume be used?

Experts state that the most ideal application time of the perfume is after the shower. Due to the rapid blood circulation, body temperature occurs. This makes the smell more permanent on the skin. Body temperature also prevents the aroma of the perfume from changing.

The perfume applied to the wrist is damaged by the effect of rubbing. The perfume, whose molecules are damaged by friction, loses its fragrance identity.

The following method should not be forgotten: Spray the perfume into the air first, then stand under the cloud of perfume that formed!

Areas where perfume is most permanent

The most ideal body areas that prolong the permanence of the smell were determined. These parts: temples, between the two breasts and the insides of the sleeves.

These areas are the places where blood vessels are closest to the skin in the body. Therefore, they are warmer regions. This ensures that the scent is perfectly confined in these skin areas.

Experts also recommend that the habit of smelling behind the ears needs to be changed immediately!

Because the skin produces more oil in this region. These chemicals, when combined with the fragrance, can cause the content in the fragrance to change.

Where should the perfume be stored?

One of our favorite places to hide our perfumes is the bathrooms. However, this bright, warm and humid environment shortens the life of the perfume.

The best way is to store the perfumes in a moisture-free place with the lid closed. This region must be a cool and dark place.

For example, it might be a good idea to store it in the wardrobe, on the shelf, or in the drawer. Even refrigerators are recommended as the most ideal places for perfumes.

Can we mix the odors?

In fact, every scent has a harmony in itself. Using several different scents at once can create a slight mismatch on the skin.

Therefore, the personality of the perfume is damaged. As a result, bad odors may occur. If you want to use your perfumes by mixing them, you can at least make sure they are from the same fragrance family.

For example; such as flowers or fresh fragrances.

Why do perfumes smell different on every skin?

Perfumes are made up of alcohol, a range of aromatic oils and water. When these oils meet on the skin, they react differently to each skin type. In other words, perfumes can show mild reactions on one skin and strong reactions on the other skin. This causes odors to smell differently.

Is it possible to change the perfume in the day? For this, should you take a shower in advance?

Taking a shower is not necessarily an action to change perfume. Since odors lose most of their notes in about four hours, it will not be harmful to use other fragrances from this time on.

How long is a perfume permanent?

The general rule is that the higher the alcohol content of a perfume, the longer it is permanent. The fragrance concentration of a pure perfume is high. However, odors with a low alcohol content should be consumed within six months at the latest.

Fragrances known as Eau de parfum and eau de toilette are alcohol-dense fragrances. These perfumes can last up to three years under proper storage conditions. If the smell and color of your perfume has changed, all you will do is to throw it away.

How is the perfume permanence on the tendon?

Permanence of perfume is closely related to the type of skin. Dry skin cannot preserve the aromatic ingredients of the fragrance as well as oily skin.

For this reason, while trying perfume in perfumeries, apply a slightly oily and odorless body lotion to a small area of your skin and apply the perfume on it.

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