The health and beauty trends fall-winter 2019-2020 for women

Beauty trends in fall winter 2019 2020 season will burn the world. There are spectacular beauty secrets and ideas for 2019-2020 season and in this article we will share these ideas with our readers.

Hairstyles, make-up, skincare, perfumes, new brands, events: the essentials and novelties to follow as of September 2019 are here. Do you want to discover the hairstyle, make-up and care inspirations that will punctuate the year? You are in the right place.

When certain beauty trends are confirmed, others arrive or make their comeback. Discover all the beauty news to get one step ahead.

The fall-winter hairstyle trends 2019-2020 : beauty secrets

Beauty trends for 2020 year: The short square cut

The bob cuts through the seasons and is always more and more followers. However, in the fall-winter of 2019-20, the short square takes a head start and is displayed on the heads of the parade models of the season.

Both stars and hairdressers recommend it because it structures the hair and brings a facelift to the face. To personalize it, we twist it with a coloring in warm or cold tones, a fringe or light wavy ripples.

The reign of ponytails, braids and buns

Always topical also ponytails, braids and buns bring style to long hair. A bit off the beaten path with African mats or XXL size while the bun and the ponytail are low, a little nonchalant, in the manner of Meghan Markle for an irresistible effect combed-disheveled.

Plated styling

Side styling, wet trend is confirmed. Already noticed during the summer season, it comes in gel version for autumn-winter. It is obtained with styling wax or lacquer for a very elegant luster effect. On loose hair or attached, it is the most beautiful effect.

Autumn-winter make-up inspirations 2019-2020

The smoky eye black

Side make-up, the autumn-winter 2019-2020 rings the big return of the black. Chic and elegant shade par excellence, it will be declined in dark smoky eye or in graphic liner for a sophisticated beauty.

Nude complexion

Side complexion, we advocate minimalism. The face is nude, almost without makeup, but perfectly uniform, flawless. More than ever, the effect looks good.

Color mania

However, fans of vibrant colors will not be left out, since the red mouth is also part of the main trends of the season. Chic and bright, she wakes up the face and twists an evening makeup, provided of course to wear it with a discreet eye makeup. Finally, the color will also be present on the eyes. Blue, purple, orange and red will dress the eyelids. Their glowing pigments for a make-up rendering that is totally visible.

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