The Best Unicorn Night Lights for Children


The light creates a 2D graphics and 3D visual impact. Thus they are a source of excitement for most children. In addition to this, they also make the room beautiful. Thus they can be used for home decoration. The night lamp gets its power from USB cable and batteries. The light can be used in bedroom, baby room, Weeding, hostels, mess etc.

Uses of the Product: 

The light can be used in a number of different ways. The following are some of the different types of uses of the night light.

  • Use as a gift item – Items like unicorn always excite young children. Thus this type of night light can be given to a child to make the child happy.
  • It can be used to decorate the room – This lamp produces bright light that can make the whole room beautiful. Thus the item can be extensively used for decorating the room.
  • Use as a bed lamp – The lamp produces a beautiful light. Thus the lamp can be used as a bed lamp.

Advantages of the Product: 

These unicorn night lights can be extremely advantageous for the user. The following are the various advantages of using these lights.

  • Makes children happy – Nowadays most homes contain children. Children generally like a unicorn as they can relate this with the fairy tales that have heard in the past. In addition to this, these lights create 2D graphics and 3D visual impact. Thus they make children happier.
  • Have seven colour display – These lights have smart touch button with 7 colour display. These colours are red, blue, green, cyan, pink, yellow and white. One button can be used to change the colours of light. 
  • It can be used as gifts – Since these lamps are liked by most children, so they can be easily gifted to the children. 

Disadvantage of the Product: 

The productis liked bymost customers and so hardly has any disadvantages. However, some customers were not happy due to the following issues:

  • Short battery life – Customers who used the product every night were slightly disappointed with the battery life. Regular usage of the product used up the battery of the lamp.

Our Verdict:

The product is extremely beautiful and colourful. Thus it attracts the attention of the children and makes them happy. In addition to this, it can also be used to decorate the room and make it beautiful. The variety of colours makes the product even more beautiful. In addition to this, the light can also be used as an effective bed lamp. Thus if you are looking to gift something to your child but are unsure of the gift you can definitely try this lamp. You can also gift this to the child of a friend or a relative. 

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