The Best Summer Pools for the Backyard 2020: An Informative Guide

For various reasons, sometimes families do not have the opportunity to go on holiday resorts and enjoy the cool waters in the hot summer days. In such cases, when a backyard garden is available; it can be turned into a fun yet small holiday resort with the help of a swimming pool. If you do not have space and budget to get a swimming pool installed in the backyard, just buy an inflatable pool that you can get rid of whenever you wish! However, for a great garden pool experience; it is important to pay attention to the material and quality of which the pool is made. Otherwise, your pool experience may not last very long. To make the decision and research process easier for you, we created a list of the top 5 best seller pools. Enjoy and get inspired while reading!

Top 5 Best Summer Pools 2020

1- Intex Metal Frame Pool

This cool above-ground Intex pool has got a 10-foot x 30-inch metal frame. It has gained its place in the first place of the list due to its budget-friendly and affordable price along with its easy setup. In contrast to other inflatable and steel-walled pool models, the metal-framed one is easy to build and durable enough for a lot of fun with family and friends in the hot summer days. Thanks to its high-quality material the Index metal frame pool provides permanent and long-term entertainment for you and your beloved ones. The PVC material is super-tough and is not affected by gasoline, oil, saltwater. Additionally, the super-strong PVC resists any damage that comes from abrasion or sunlight. Last but not least, the outstanding feature of the Intex metal frame pool is that an Intex 330 GPH Filter Pump is included so that you can keep your water sparkling clean for a better pool experience.

2- Summer Waves Inflatable Above Ground Pool

With this high-quality inflatable above ground pool made by the brand ‘Summer Waves’ allows you to splash the tiring day away. You can sip your perfectly cold drink in the cool summer pool that is private in your own backyard. Different from the previous summer pool, this one is inflatable instead of having a metal frame. It has a round shape with the measures of 8 feet in diameter and 2.5 feet deep for a 608-gallon capacity. Similar to the previous summer pool it includes an RX330 pool filter pump with GFCI for a safe and clean pool experience. Thanks to its rapid and easy installation, the perfectly designed pool can be set up very easily without much effort. Finally, the package includes the pool itself and a filter cartridge with a built-in chlorinator and a D filter cartridge for the pump.

3- Lunvon Family Inflatable Swimming Pool

For entertaining and fun summer pool experiences, this Lunvon family pool has a perfect big size of 120*70 inches in size and 22 inches in depth. It is a perfect option for those who are looking for family-size pools to create an entertaining backyard. Besides, this Lunvon summer pool has a thick bottom and inflatable bladder that is able to block the cold coming from the ground. As a result, the rapid temperature drop is avoided and any accidents that may happen are prevented without any injuries. Its easy inflation and deflation with the help of 3 separate air chambers turn the Lunvon inflatable swimming pool into a secure pool that is easy to inflate. A firm and strong texture are provided with the high-strength hot carbon tough PVC layered independent airbags that adopt reinforced thermal fusion technology. Thanks to the high-quality a long-term-use is ensured. Finally, this pool has an age range of 6 years and up. Read the warning labels and instructions before use.

4- Homech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool

This swimming pool ensures a vast capacity for all family members. In the family inflatable swimming pool, 2 adults and 3-5 kids can enjoy a splashing pool party in the backyard thanks to the spacious design of the pool. Differently from other inflatable pools, this Homech family pool is 50% thicker which helps the reduction of the risk of punctures. As a result, long-term-use is guaranteed. The Homech family pool is made with Naphthalene and Lead-Free, BPA-free material that increases the safety of the pool. For the protection of kids and to avoid any injuries and misfortunes, a super soft inflatable floor is designed. This pool can be inflated within 3-4 minutes with the help of an electric pump. Last but not least, to create an always-ready-environment, air, and water leakages are prevented with the help of the three independent air chambers each with double intake and free-flow exhaust valve that withstand the weight.

5- Akaho Family Inflatable Swimming Pools

The last product of the top 5 list, namely the Akaho swimming pool is made of high-quality material. The airbag that is layered with high-strength hot carbon tough PVC adopts an independent reinforced thermal fusion technology. Thanks to its upgraded air leak-proof valve it is possible to prevent air any leakage. In addition, it prevents any injuries and misfortunes with the perfectly designed thick bottom bladder that blocks the cold on the ground. The outstanding feature of this product is that it offers a wide range of sizes from which you can choose the most suitable one for your family. The sizes are as stated: 110 * 88 * 33cm; 128 * 85 * 45cm; 155 * 108 * 46cm; 181 * 141 * 46cm; 181 * 141 * 46cm . Lastly, this swimming pool may be used for swimming purposes yet, in spring and autumn, it can be also used as a sandbox for kids. It is very optimal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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