The Best Night Lights for Kids in 2020


The product contains two projection covers. While one of the covers brings starry night into the room, the other one brings leaves and bird projector. In addition to this, the product also contains a timer. Thus you can easily turn it off when it is not needed. The stars and moons on the walls and ceilings help the child to fall asleep rather quickly.

Uses of the Product

The product can be used in a number of ways. The following are some of the uses of the product:

  • As a gift item – The product can be used as a gift item for children. It can be gifted during birthdays, Christmas and other such occasions.
  • As a room dΓ©cor – The light creates leaves, birds, night etc. Thus the light along with its projector can be used for the purpose of decorating the room.
  • Helps the child fall asleep – The light along with the projector helps to create stars and moon on the wall and ceilings. This, in turn, helps the child to fall asleep.

Advantages of the Product

The advantages of this type of night light are as follows:

  • Decoration of the room – The light that is produced from the product is quite beautiful so it can be used for the decoration of the room. In addition to this, the light can be rotated with the help of a projector.
  • Presence of timer – The product also contains a timer. Thus you can decide the working duration of the product. The night lamp will stop functioning as soon as the desired time is met.
  • Makes the child happy – The child will become happy as soon as he can see the moon and the stars on the ceiling and walls of the room.
  • The child will fall asleep easily – Many parents have massive trouble putting their child to sleep. However, the soft light of the device helps to put the child to sleep easily.

Disadvantages of the Product

As such the product has very few disadvantages. One such disadvantage is

  • The timer has to be put on every time – Some customers do not like the fact that the timer has to be set every time the product is used. According to them, it would have been better if the timer started automatically at the same time every day.

Our Verdict

The product is great if you have a small girl or boy in the house. He or she will enjoy the presence of the product. In addition to this, the product will also help her to fall asleep very fast. The product can be gifted on different types of occasions like birthdays, Christmas etc. Thus in case you are planning to give a gift to a child for birthday or Christmas you can choose this product.

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