The Best Digital Camera Options for Youtube Shootings

Cameras of Youtubers: Detailed Review and Guide for Youtubers

Youtube camera options will be reviewed on our article today. We experiment with 6 cameras and examine the differences together on our article.

1 – SONY QX 1

My preferred layout is very good. I record the video from the camera and the voice from the lapel microphone. I record my voice on the cell phone and then synchronize the two files. I use such a system to keep as much noise from the environment as possible in the room, or outside.

I would also like to mention a detail. For example, let’s just say you want to record your voice on this phone. The bottom microphone is activated when you want to record voice memos. This phone activates the microphone on the top when you shoot yourself with the front camera. When using the rear camera, it activates the rear microphone. And the sound in your video comes from these microphones. You can decide which camera to shoot according to your subject and plan.

What is the best camera for shooting Youtube videos?


The computer doesn’t have much setting, except for contrast, lighting and autofocus. The camera is connected directly to a computer via a USB connection. We see that most content producers often use this model when they don’t use a camera or DSLR camera.

3- SONY HDR CX 115

This time our camera is a handy cam. It is often not possible to change the lens like a DSLR (at least in this case). However, the only thing it does is to record videos until the memory is full. It is preferable if you are working on a long and continuous, concentrating shot. Nowadays, many DSLR cameras have the disadvantage of stopping recording at half an hour.

If you continue recording by creating a new file every half hour, the images can be combined so that it is not a problem. However, if it stops recording directly, you may not notice that the most exciting part of an interview or narrative has stopped recording. You have to be careful

What type of cameras do Youtubers use?


At the moment we will review Sony’s hdr as 50 action camera. It is essential to protect the image from external influences, especially when shooting outdoors.


Our final test will be with the Apple iPhone 6s phone.

Perhaps this phone will be the most valuable equipment you will often use when preparing your videos and not yet buying a camera. I am using iPhone 6s. You can also hear my voice from the microphone on itself.

You may be able to use the phone for a long time, and maybe even edit your video with the apps inside the phone most of the time. This is the best system for those who travel videos. No external large equipment is needed. And portability is as advantageous as possible.

What is the best camera for vloggers?

We have come to the end of a section full of trials. Please indicate in the comments section which camera works best after reading this article or after shopping. If there are cameras and equipment that you use in similar shots, you can talk about them.

If you want to buy a nice Youtube webcam, here are our shopping tips. You should definitely take a look at these camera models for Youtube:

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