The best camping chairs: Buying guide for 2020 year

Does sitting in a camping chair for long periods of time give you back pain? Would you like a suitable camping chair that offers maximum comfort when camping? Say “no” to the camping chairs that make you suffer. The best folding camping chair with flat back and seat solves the problem. They also have an ergonomic design and folding and unfolding functionality.

No chair could support a weight of 150 kg or more before 1855, when Joseph Beverly invented the camp seat. This invention provides comfort to adult campers, with recent innovations that make comfort levels even higher. To find the right camping chair, take a look at some detailed reviews of camping chairs.

What are the best folding chairs for camping?

A camping chair is a unique manufacturing folding chair with special features that make it ideal for outdoor camping. Even so, choosing the best camping chair can be a daunting task since many types are available. When looking for your perfect folding chair, you need to target the following important features:

Compact size

When looking for your camping chair, you should also know which manufacturing equipment to look for. An aluminum frame and feet provide the best strength to weight ratio and are also the most portable and lightweight. The upper camping chairs will also be nylon coated with ripstop nylon, providing maximum water resistance, durability and comfort.

What types of camping chairs are available on the market?

Communicating with nature on a campsite is an experience you have to have, but sitting on rocks and stumps is not the best approach. That’s why you need a camping chair and also a camping table. Whether you are looking for luxury, comfort or portability, there is a camping chair that will meet your needs.

There are too many types of camping chairs. If you want to simplify your search, you can classify all camping chairs in three main categories: regular, minimal and luxurious.

Minimum number of camp chairs

These are folding camping chairs with armrests, seat backs and aluminum legs. They usually come with a carrying bag and a strap for convenient portability. These are the best options for those wishing to make occasional visits to private campgrounds.

Lightweight camp chairs

These chairs are available in two distinctive styles, stools or folding seats. If you are planning a backpacking trip, you should choose this lightweight and compact chair for ultimate portability.

Luxurious camping chairs

These chairs offer maximum luxury and comfort. Constructed in the same design as an outdoor recliner, they provide superior support, stability, balance, and more. Other features include tilt functionality, footrest, cup holders, storage pockets, and more. Although heavier and less portable, these high-end camping chairs turn any campsite into an ultimate relaxation resort.

Guide to buying the best camping chairs

When shopping for a quality, comfortable and durable camping chair, look for the features that will guarantee a satisfactory purchase. Consider essential factors such as materials, weight and portability.

These factors will make your stay at the campsite a pleasant stay. Although you can choose an ordinary chair at a lower cost, the inconvenience and lack of features can lead to back, neck and body pain in general.

Important things to consider before buying a camping chair


Different materials are used in the construction of camping chairs, which gives you a wide range of options from which you can choose.

Look for aluminum chair frames and legs. This ensures an optimal strength / weight ratio.

Nylon is the ideal fabric for the backrest and lower seat of your camping chair because it provides superior water resistance, comfort and durability.

The fabric padding is soft and resists extreme variations in temperature. The vinyl padding, on the other hand, resists stains and is more easily cleaned with a simple wiping. Closed cell foam padding does not absorb water, making it the best choice for wet outdoor camping and other water-based activities.

Look for fold-down seats with carbon fiber components, which improves stiffness in the back of the seat. These “shrouds” are removable and can minimize the risk of injury.

Weight of camping chair

If you buy a minimal camping chair, the weight should be a determining factor. If you are looking for a luxury chair or a regular chair, this may not be a factor.

You want a minimal camping chair (stool or folding chair) as light as possible, weighing no more than 2 lbs.

Camp stools are particularly interesting because they lift you above the ground. This provides an added benefit when the campsite is frozen or wet. Camp stools also support greater weight capacity, with some stools supporting up to 500 lbs. However, a typical folding seat can support up to 250 lbs.

The versatility of a folding seat is what makes this option interesting. Weighing around 2 lbs, they carry effortlessly on a hike while providing a comfortable seat at the campsite with back support, which stools do not allow.

Although luxury or regular camping chairs weigh more than the minimum alternatives, you should refuse to buy any that weigh more than 5 pounds. Chairs weighing more than this will be awkward and difficult to transport to the campsite.

Portability of camping chair

Before making your purchase, consider how far and how often you will need to transport your camping chair. If you plan to camp at the end of long hikes, you should limit your search to folding seats and camping stools. These suspenders are easily attached to your backpack without additional discomfort.

Regular style camping chairs usually include a carrying case, with a strap for added convenience.

You should only consider luxury camping chairs if you plan to stay in a convenient location with easy access to amenities, such as a festival campground or a national park.

Choose the right type for your needs

Choosing the right type of camping chair is not easy due to the wide variety of options available. However, taking into account some important factors, choosing the chair for your needs will become as easy as drinking a cup of milk. Other factors to consider when choosing a camping chair include:

Effectiveness of the size of your chair

Compare the size of your chair (s) to the size of the outdoor space you are going to share. Choosing a camping chair with the smallest floor space will give other campers the space they need to share the camping space with you. In addition, space-saving camping chairs are suitable for many outdoor activities other than camping, such as: parties, weddings, concerts, fairs, parades, etc.

Frame type

Three different types of materials are used in the construction of camping chair frames. The right frame strikes a balance between functionality, durability and style. The most common structural materials are wood, plastic and metal.

The type of camping you choose will be another important factor in determining the type of camping chair you need. If you intend to go to a campsite where the ground is damp, you should choose a camping chair with vinyl padding. If you are going to a dry campsite, the fabric padding may be a good choice since the risk of moisture stains will be minimal.

Above all, you need to consider the transportation and storage of your camping chair. Choose the chair that will cause you the least amount of discomfort and use the least amount of storage space possible.

Types and characteristics of fabrics for camping chairs

Camping chairs use a variety of fabrics, each with different characteristics. The most common fabrics are nylon, polyester and wool. Not only are these fabrics affordable, but they also offer exceptional comfort and durability.


Nylon fabrics are the most popular fabrics in the camping chair industry for several reasons. It offers exceptional elasticity, strength and durability. Nylon fiber is stronger than polyester fiber and offers abrasion resistance, toughness, easy cleaning and superior color fastness. In addition, it is light, soft and smooth, with excellent resilience, a very compact molecular structure and a high melting point of around 250 degrees Celsius (492.8 degrees Fahrenheit).


Polyester is a beautiful fabric with many unique properties, including: high toughness of about 5-7 gm / den, 15-30% elongation, 90 modulus of elasticity, 0.40% moisture uptake , 1.38 density, a melting point of 250 degrees Celsius, and zero volumetric bulge.


Wool is another fabric used in the construction of camping chairs. Many of these chairs are covered with wool to provide beauty, comfort and a temperature-controlled seating experience. The key factors that make it a good choice for camping chairs are toughness, resilience and elasticity. It is hygroscopic in nature and is characterized by low thermal conductivity.

If you prefer a wool chair, keep in mind that the chair can easily change color over time when exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays.

PVC vinyl fabric

Manufacturers use PVC vinyl fabrics for camping chairs due to their low cost of production and their versatility in performance. High end chairs are often fitted with this fabric because it guarantees easy cleaning. In addition, it is strong, durable, non-conductive and resistant to abrasion, moisture, corrosion, rust and fire.

5 Characteristics of the camping chair

When it comes to choosing a camping chair, you should consider if you need at least four remarkable features, moving from a minimal chair to a luxury chair. These features include: armrests, cup holders, extended pads and storage.


The armrests improve comfort and give your chair a nice look. They also add extra weight, so you have to decide if you want a light chair instead.


Turn a regular chair into a plush chair by adding a cup holder or two. The lightest camping chairs are fitted with mesh fabric cup holders. Most ordinary chairs build their cup holders with the same material as that used for the rest of the chair. The luxury chairs add additional features, such as the cup holders that serve as coolers.

Extended pads

Elongated pads are a major feature of some camping chairs, providing additional padding, leg insulation and / or protection from dust and dirt. The cushion (s) also serve as good sleeping cushion (s) during the summer.


Even the lightest camping chairs need good portability and storage. So before you choose your chair, you should be sure that it comes with storage devices included. Camping chair storage options come in different models and arrangements, so be sure to choose the arrangement that works best for you.


An umbrella on your camping chair is important for those embarking on a summer camping adventure. It will protect you from direct sunlight. If sunlight decreases your camping pleasure, consider this an important feature for your chair.

The pros and cons of camping chairs

Camping chairs offer a myriad of benefits, from comfort and fun to stability and support. However, their significant advantages do not eliminate all possible disadvantages. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of folding camping chairs.

The advantages of camping chairs

Good and solid support

The camping chairs are built with aluminum, powder-coated steel or wooden frames to ensure maximum strength and support. To support your body weight when camping, get a sturdy camping chair built with an aluminum frame and aluminum legs.


The campsite takes you far from your work and from your home, in a place where you can relax and commune with nature. This is why you need to get a camping chair that will make your camping stay both entertaining and enjoyable. Comfort is a major advantage in choosing a good camping chair.

Portable and light

Portable chairs fold easily, making it easy to store and transport on the trail. A light chair will also eliminate the burden of carrying the chair for camping on your shoulder.

Durable and easy to install

Durability is another advantage of camping chairs to note. Chairs made of high quality fabric or vinyl will be particularly durable. Plus, a sturdy frame paired with fabric or vinyl padding will save you from buying a new chair more often, saving you time and hassle-free in the long run. In addition, it is easy to install in a short time.

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