The Best 5 Indoor Cameras for Your Pet and Baby – Smart Home Camera

The best 5 indoor camera for smart home awaits you below. Do not miss to read our article.

1- Wyze Indoor Smart Home Camera

  • Manage your camera with remote use
  • Rotate and zoom your camera
  • Easily observe every angle of your room
  • Use your camera effectively thanks to the 360 ​​degree left and right turn feature
  • Capture every detail with 1080p HD video recording
  • Watch your home from your mobile phone with live video recording
  • Talk to your family and loved ones through your camera with the Wyze camera app
  • Record as many videos as you want with free cloud storage technology
  • Record 12-second video clips
  • Store your recorded videos in the cloud for 14 days free of charge
  • Easy to use thanks to mobile push notifications
  • Increase memory with microSD card.
  • Tracks objects in the dark thanks to night vision
  • Provides 30-inch viewing distance in the dark
  • Command using your voice, thanks to Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Follow your baby
  • Works with wifi
  • Androil and IOS compatible
 Best 5 Indoor Cameras

2- Amcrest Indoor Camera for Smart Home

  • Get the best service with the Sony Exmor image sensor
  • Full HD 1080p picture quality
  • Track any object with a 90 ° viewing angle
  • Connect and manage your camera remotelyGet the best results with smart security technology
  • Get motion notifications instantly
  • Connect with the person next to the camera via your smartphone
  • Feel safe at all times thanks to the remote video storage feature
  • Increase memory with microSd cardRecord all day and night
  • Take it anywhere thanks to the wifi camera feature
  • Provides 32 meters wifi link area
  • Feel safe at any time with 1080p night vision quality
  • Company assurance providing 10 years of IP camera experience
  • Back up your videos with cloud technologyBack up and secure your videos whatever happens, thanks to secure cloud recording options
  • Feel safe without problems thanks to the safe and simple usage model
  • 1-year USA warranty and lifetime support
 Best 5 Indoor Cameras

3- Furbo Dog Camera for Smart Home

  • Watch around effectively thanks to 1080P full hd camera
  • Feel safe thanks to night vision.
  • Watch anywhere with 160-degree viewing angle
  • Easily track your pets
  • Speak to the person or animal next to the camera with 2-way audio
  • Watch your pet thanks to the bark alert camera feature
  • Get a notification on your phone when barking
  • Follow what’s happening at home with the mobile app
  • Contact the app to check what’s happening at home
  • Entertain your dog with games thanks to fun Furbo ios and android apps
  • Plug your device into a wall socket via USB cable
  • Works with wifi
  • Set up easily
 Best 5 Indoor Cameras

4- Wyze Cam Indoor Smart Home Camera

  • Stay safe with night vision
  • Detect objects up to 30 feet
  • Manage by connecting to your smartphone
  • Get 1080p full hd picture qualityMotion detection technology
  • Sound detection technology
  • 12-second video recording feature
  • Upload videos to the cloud with end-to-end encryption
  • Keep in the cloud for 14 days
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions
  • Upgrade memory with microSD card
  • Thanks to its adhesion feature, it does not require screws for assembly.
  • Watch anywhere in your home with Alexa and Google assistant
  • Discover smart home features with many mobile app features
 Best 5 Indoor Cameras

5- Arlo Pro 2 Indoor Camera for Smart Home

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Control your voice with Alexa. You need to purchase the Alexa device separately
  • Use as a 100% radio
  • No wires needed
  • Get great images with the 1080p hd camera
  • Receive notifications to your phone with motion detection sensor
  • Capture every detail with 1080p HD quality video
  • Keep videos in the cloud without interruption thanks to 24/7 continuous recording feature
  • Get the chance to record an event 3 seconds before any event
  • Works compatible with Amazon Alexa, Fire Tv, Echo Show and Google Assistant
  • Watch live recorded images with just a simple voice command
  • It can work compatible with many applications such as IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings. 300+ feet wifi connection range
 Best 5 Indoor Cameras

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