The Best 5 Gaming Mouses for MMO Games : Detailed Review for 2020

Programmable Gaming Mouses of 2020 : Detailed Gaming Mouse Review for Gamers

The best gaming mouses of the world for gamers will be reviewed on our article today. Gaming mouse with side buttons, Pictek, Redragon, Razer, UtechSmart, Logitech mouses for mmo games awaits you below. With these high quality and featured gaming mouses you can play all kinds of games. Gamin mouse review article awaits you below.

1- PICTEK Gaming Mouse for MMO Games

  • Extraordinary gaming experience features
  • 7200 DPI gaming mouse
  • 5 DPI Levels
  • Easy using mouse settings
  • 4 polling rate
  • 125-250-500-1000 hz polling rate
  • Ultimate speed and movement ability
  • Chroma RGB backlit
  • Improved PICTEK T7 version
  • Improved ligting feature
  • 16 million colors that available for your soul mood
  • Imroved lighting control features
  • Focusing technology for different game features
  • Rapidly switching mouse speed
  • 8 programmable buttons and fire button
  • Programmable 8 mouse button
  • Rapid fire button: perfect for intense FPS wars
  • FPS-MOBA-RTS gaming mouse: Especially designed for fast games
  • Ergonomic design for long using periods
  • Reliable gaming mouse quality
  • International award winning features
  • World brand
Gaming Mouse for MMO Games

2- Redragon M602 RGB Gaming Mouse for MMO Games

  • Designed for gaming computers
  • Ergonomic design
  • 7200 DPI
  • 800-1200-1600-2400-7200 DPI
  • 10G accelaration
  • High sensitive gaming sensor
  • Long using life
  • Programmable gaming mouse (7 different user)
  • 5 memory profiles
  • Different LED color changins for memories.
  • 7 different background color
  • Personlization for gaming computer and laptop
  • Ergonomic design for gaming skills
  • Perfect for PUBG, Call of Duty and Overwatch
  • Adjustable buttons for your clicking needs
  • Built-in weight tuning
  • Anti-skid scrool wheel
  • Teflon feet pads
  • Gold-plated corrosion free USB connector
M602 RGB Gaming Mouse

3- Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse for MMO Games

  • Bestseller gaming mouse of the world
  • High sensitive 16.000 DPI optical sensor
  • Special DPI settings for different missions
  • Programmable gaming mouse features
  • Customizable Chroma RGB lighting technology
  • 16 million colors
  • Can be compatible with Philips Hue products
  • 7 programmable gaming buttons
  • Improved scroll wheel for different gaming needs
  • Durable gaming mouse for 50 million clickings
  • 2 year warranty
Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

4- UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse With Side Buttons for MMO Games

  • Especially produced for MMO gamers
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • 16400 DPI gaming mouse features
  • 12000 FPS
  • 30G acceleration
  • 100-150 in/s cursor speed
  • High sensitive Avago sensor
  • Sensitive range from 200-16400
  • Adjustable gaming buttons for different gaming needs
  • Rapidly clicking technology
  • Venus mmo gaming mouse
  • Programmable buttons (extra 12 side button)
  • 5 LED RGB background lighting technology – 5 million colors
  • 5 special profil for colors
  • Special setting button which located under the mouse
  • Maximum gaming mouse efficiency features
  • Completely adjustable and customizable buttons- programmable features
  • Change the button missions according to your desire
  • 12 side button for your gaming skills
  • Automatical fire button
  • Teflon feet pads for your perfect gaming experience
  • Ergonomic and comfortable gaming mouse design for all games
  • Gold plated usb connector
  • 18 months warranty
mouse with side buttons

5- Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse With Side Buttons for MMO Games

  • 20 MMO tuned game buttons
  • 12 buttons for your thumb
  • Sensitive gaming mouse
  • G shift ring button
  • Double all the actions that you need during the game.
  • Comfortable gaming design
  • Sensitive clicking technology for gaming
  • G8 cycle modes
  • Completely customizable with its thumb panel
  • Improved lighting
  • Different DPI level and settings
  • No USB hub
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

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