The Best 10 Smartphones of 2020 Year: Review and Information

The Best 10 Smartphones

Today we will share the best 10 smartphones of 2020 and things to consider when buying a smartphone. After you read this article you will definitely be sure which phone is available for you in 2020 year. Here our list:

1- Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8 awaits you for a better experience. Check it now.

Best 10 Smartphones

What to consider when buying a smartphone? How to choose a smartphone?

What to look for when you are buying a smartphone?It is very difficult to choose between the products in this period when the range of smart phones expanded rapidly. So what do you need to pay attention to choose the smartphone that suits you best?With the advancing technology, many of our works can be easily handled with smartphones and it becomes an indispensable part during the day. There are quite a lot of options to have a smartphone. As a result of the wide product range, you need to pay attention to various points when choosing.

2- Motorola G6 – 32 GB – Unlocked Smartphone

Motorola G6 also will be perfect for those who want a problemless smartphone.

Best 10 Smartphones

What are the most important features of a smartphone?

If you are going to buy a smartphone, you need to determine your budget first. It is useful to be comfortable with this. There are many options that are successful in price-performance, including entry, middle and upper segments. On the price side, you need to actively follow the ever increasing and decreasing smart phone market.
Another point is the operating system. In this context, you do not have many options. So, we can only say that there are only Android and iOS options. IPhone is the only option if you want to buy an iOS-based smartphone as Apple produces its own operating system. If you want to have an Android phone, the range is quite wide.

3- Samsung Galaxy A10s Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A10s is definitely will be great for your daily computer needs. Check it now.

Best 10 Smartphones

What is the best smartphone for the beginner?

If we leave all this behind, the hardware features of the device are the most important issues when buying a smartphone. The processor and RAM, which are important factors in the performance of your phone, are serious issues that you should pay attention to in this context.
If we come to the device’s storage, avoid phones of 8 GB or 16 GB level. Because it will be difficult to store your data in this period when the file sizes increase rapidly.
The screen size is completely the user’s choice. However, if we consider that phone manufacturers generally produce big screen phones, big screen devices are inevitable.

4- Huawei Y9 2019 JKM-LX3 Smartphone

Huawei Y9 2019 JKM-LX3 Smartphone will definitely meet your all needs.

Best 10 Smartphones

How do I choose a phone? How can I understand a phone is good?

The resolution of the screen is at least as important as its size. It is one of the factors that you should pay attention to present daylight performance and colors correctly. In addition, consider whether your preferred phone has a Full HD resolution screen.
The most important part of users who love to take photos is camera resolutions. These numbers, which reach up to 48 megapixels, do not really care much about the clarity of the camera.
The point you need to pay attention to is the quality of the lens and sensor used. To get the most accurate result, you can experience the product you want to buy in any technology store.

5- BLU Vivo X5-5.7″ HD Display Smartphone, 64GB+3GB RAM-International Unlocked -Black

Blu advance also one of the most chosen smartphones of 2020 year.

Best 10 Smartphones

Things to consider when buying a smartphone in 2020 year

If you don’t want to carry a Powerbank with you all the time, battery life is an important consideration. This situation, which is quite annoying, can be affected by the operating system of the device as well as the battery used.
Because the phones with the current iOS or Android operating system, the battery level can be controlled better with artificial intelligence technology.
However, if your phone supports fast charging, you can charge it fast with the adapter that comes in the box of the device.

6- BLU G9 Pro -6.3” Full HD Smartphone with Triple Main Camera, 128GB+4GB RAM -Nightfall

BLU G9 Pro will definitely satisfy you for your all daily needs. You can check it.

Best 10 Smartphones

7- Samsung Galaxy M30 6.4″ 5000 mAh 64GB GSM Unlocked Smartphone

Samsung smartphone, as always, selling all around the world. M30 will be perfect for your smartphone needs.

Best 10 Smartphones

8- Moto Z4 with Alexa Hands-Free– Unlocked Smartphone

Moto Z4 is one of the most sold smartphones of 2020. Features are unique and so elegant. A high level smartphone.

Best 10 Smartphones

9- Hisense Infinity F24 16GB GSM Unlocked Smartphone

Hisense must be one of the most attractive smartphone of last years. You can also examine it.

Best 10 Smartphones

10- BlackBerry KEY2 LE Dual Sim Smartphone

Did you miss Blackberry technology? BlackBerry KEY2 awaits you to discover it.

Best 10 Smartphones

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