Self Watering Systems for Garden: Self Watering Planter Box for Garden


Choose your holiday watering system for balconies / terraces

1- Multi-pot systems (to be connected to a water reserve)

With these autonomous watering kits, no need for a pump to draw water from the reserve … The ceramic cones are connected in-between by a flexible hose which ensures the circulation of water by gravitation thanks to a diving siphon rod in a container. The water reserve must be installed approximately 75 cm above the plants to be watered.

Use: indoor plants, potted plants and planters (up to 40 pots)

Water supply: water reserve (without pump)

Flow: between 7 and 50 cl / d depending on the cone

Installation: cones to be planted in the ground and connected to a network of pipes

Price: from 35 to $45 the kit of 7 cones

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2- Hydro-retentive gels

On contact with the earth, the cellulose fibers that make up these hydro-retentive gels slowly disintegrate and gradually transform into water, offering up to 30 days of autonomy. You will have the choice between gel sticks to be planted directly in the ground and sachets of water grains to mix with the soil.

Use: potted plants and planters

Autonomy: around 30 days

Installation: plant in the ground (stick) or mix with potting soil (water grains)

Price: from 2.5 to $7 per stick or sachet of beans

How do I make my planter self watering?

3- Pots, plant pots and planters with water supply

Particularly suitable for plants that appreciate humidity, these containers have a double bottom in which there is a reserve of water with an autonomy of up to 12 weeks. The water brought in when filling the pot is returned to the plant by capillary action. Separation from the earth is achieved by means of a grid or a pierced tray. A gauge is sometimes used to estimate the level of water in the reserve. In case of rain, the excess water drains through an overflow. In some cases, it may be necessary to put a drainage layer at the bottom of the pot.

Use: green and flowering plants

Battery life: up to 12 weeks

Tank capacity: up to 27 L

4- Micro-irrigation (or drip) systems

By diffusing water directly at the base of the plants, micro-irrigation provides the right amount of water necessary for the proper development of plants, while limiting losses in the soil, evaporation in the air and l appearance of weeds … What save up to 50% of the volume of water compared to a traditional watering. Since its systems operate at low pressure, it may be necessary to connect a pressure reducing valve to the water inlet.

Do self watering planters really work?

5- Gardena drip kit scheme : Drip kits (to be connected to the tap)

Programmable and modular according to their needs, the drip kits offer the possibility of forming more or less complex networks of pipes on which we can connect different kinds of drippers (self-regulating, adjustable or fixed flow) . They are generally sold with all the necessary equipment (irrigation plant, pipes, fittings, drippers, etc.) to supply water to about 10 beds or shrubs, 10 potted plants or 20 vegetable plants.

Use: potted plants, planters, shrubs, beds, balcony gardens …

Water supply: connection to the water supply

Flow: 2 to 4 L / h

Installation: drippers to be placed at the base of the plants and to be connected to a network of pipes

Price: around $30 the kit of 30 drippers without programmer ($80 with programmer)

How to install automatic watering system with timer to garden?

6- Automatic watering cans (to be connected to a water supply)

You don’t have water supply on your balcony or on your terrace? Do not panic… There are now automatic drip systems (with timer) with an electric pump to capture the water in a container (can, bucket, bucket or even a bathtub …). Generally supplied with around 25 drippers, 10 m of hose and 1 programmer, these automatic watering cans are sold with or without water reserve.

Use: potted plants, planters

Water supply: connection to a water reserve

Flow rate: approximately 2 l / h

Installation: drippers to install in pots or planters grouped in the same area

Price: from 80 to $130 depending on the model

7- Micro-porous (or soaker) pipes

Ideal for watering flower beds or young plants, these flexible rubber hoses let their pores ooze over their entire length. Easy to install, micro-porous hoses or soaker hoses connect directly to the water supply. Remember to clean them regularly because they clog easily.

Use: flower beds, flower beds, vegetable patch…

Flow rate: approximately 9 L / m / h

Maximum hose length: 30 m

Installation: to be placed on the ground or buriedPrice: from $10 to  $20 per 15 m hose (around  $45 per 50 m hose)

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