Ride a heated seat alone : Tips and tricks

In autumn and winter, a simple heating is not enough for many drivers. With an additional heated seat you will get more comfort and a pleasant atmosphere during all your trips. You will learn below, how and in what way the installation of a heated seat may be possible.

Is it still possible and profitable to install a heated seat?

No matter the age and range of your car, it is possible to agree a heated seat. The question that arises is how much money you want to invest and in which variant of heated seat. There are several possibilities there. Thus, we recommend that you first inquire about how you want to upgrade your car and how much it will cost.

For very old cars, the complex installation of a heated seat, if their life is soon reached and soon to be discarded, is often foolish. In this case, it is rather advisable to use auxiliary means, such as cushions. For newer vehicles, overhauling or replacing seats is often worthwhile, especially since all modern cars run with heated seats or are equipped with technical accessories that allow them to be installed.

What choices of heated seat variants do you have?

If you want to drive in the winter months under a pleasant heat, you have three choices of heated seats:

– An outdoor seating

– The integration of a seat cushion in the cover

– Change seats

The use of cushion is a simple and inexpensive variant to heat its seat. The wiring can have an insignificant effect, since the mattresses of this kind act on the cigarette lighter. The insertion of a layer on heating metal or on carbon fibers is technically complex, so bequeathing this work to a professional is a good solution.

Changing your seats against a heating model is the most expensive solution if you opt for a new and branded model. You can take a ride in the scrap yards, and you may find a heated seat suitable for your range. The aesthetics of the object is yet another story.

Do the modifications yourself or go to a professional? : Heated seat for car

If it is simply a cushion, you can of course and without problem undertake this alone. The inclusion of mattresses in the seat covers or the complete exchange of seats requires adequate knowledge and skills. The biggest difficulty is with seat side airbags that can not be covered by the mattress. In the event of a collision, these airbags will no longer perform their functions and this will reduce the safety of the passenger compartment. In the worst case, you will be exposed to the risks yourself. If you own an old car, the seats have side airbags, the modifications must in any case be done at a specialist. Complications arise during the integration of the heated seat in the seats, wiring and connection to the car’s electronics is comparable to modifications of other electrical components. To save money and save the penalties of a visit to the workshop, choose the cushions.

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