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What are the coronavirus measures? What precautions should we take to protect against corona virus?

There are successive news about the corona virus, which is taking the whole world into vigilance. However, citizens have also increased their research on ways to protect.

Among the main symptoms of the disease are high fever, throat pain and cough. This virus can have fatal consequences.

High-level measures are being taken against the coronavirus by the Chinese Ministry of Health. If the virus is available in your country, you have to be protected. Well, do you know the ways to prevent Corona virus?

So, how is it protected from Corona virus? What measures are required? Here are the ways of protection and measures..

What is Corona Virus? Respirator for coronavirus

Corona virus shows symptoms similar to upper respiratory infections. Some bodies may survive the disease with mild symptoms, and some patients may lose their lives. Types of Corona virus infections, such as MERS and SARS, can be fatal. Experts say that the improving an effective vaccine for corona virus may take approximately 1-4 years. Thus you have to be careful while entering in the society.

Importance of mask in corona virus : 3M respirator for coronavirus

Especially transportation vehicles are very important to carry the disease to more people. Wearing mask will be a good solution to protect yourself from sick people.

Is Coronavirus deadly?

Approximately 35-40 percent of patients infected with this virus die.

Some bodies can overcome the disease with mild symptoms.

The first 15 days after infection are very important.

Because the symptoms appear during this time and the virus spreads throughout the body in this first 15 days.

Shortness of breath, cough and fever are among the most important symptoms of the disease.

But in some patients, sputum can also be seen with these symptoms.

How Corona Virus Infects Humans?

The corona virus, which has become the fear of countries, destroys the lungs and kidneys.

It is stated that the virus that collapses the immune system can be transmitted by prolonged close contact.

There is no protective vaccine or antibiotic drug treatment against the virus, which does not have enough information about its source.

The disease has fatal effects in people over 45 years old. Young people and those with strong immunity are treated in the hospital.

Although they are not completely cured, the disease is mostly treated. Strong individuals without immune problems can easily survive the disease.

What are the ways of protection against corona virus?

There are no vaccines available to protect against coronavirus infection. It may be possible to reduce the risk of infection by paying attention to general precautions.

Frequent hand washing is important and it is important to avoid contact with sick people. In addition, wearing masks and avoiding society is an effective way. If you live in an area with plenty of patients, you should not use public transportation. An effective mask has a life-saving effect. A mask must be worn against the disease.

Buy corona virus protection respirator mask as soon as possible

The mask which will be used has to be choosen especially by researching. There are many of masks on the internet but by going to a health institution you can learn what mask will be used against the Corona Virus infection. You can learn more information at the health institutions of your country by checking their official web sites.

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