How to choose an insulated mug? How to use the insulated tumbler? How can I buy a quality insulated mug?

How to choose your insulated mug? Using guide for purchasing the true insulated thumbler

Every morning you order a coffee to go on the way to work, because you just do not have time to drink one at home? Many commuters are in the same situation. But did you know that disposable cups for coffee are an ecological disaster? Indeed, they are composed of several materials which are recycled differently. Their overall treatment is therefore difficult, and many cities do not have the infrastructure necessary to sort the plastic and paper components of the cup.

To remedy this recycling problem, some countries, such as Great Britain want to impose a tax on the consumer who will choose a coffee in a disposable cup. Having to pay an extra 25 cents per coffee is expensive, especially if you drink it every day. So the solution is to bring your reusable container yourself! In addition to being more ecological, the transportable mug is more practical than a cardboard cup, which spills easily and does not keep your coffee warm for very long.

But finding the insulated mug that’s right for your daily use is no small task. Especially since the offer is vast. So in this article we are talking about 4 criteria for choosing the right reusable coffee cup.

The sealing of your insulated mug : Waterproof system of insulated mug

This is probably the most difficult characteristic to check when buying and sometimes you have to trust the brand which of course promises you that its product is waterproof. But three days later the stains on your jacket prove the opposite. However, this is a legitimate expectation for a cup that is supposed to contain liquid. So concretely to ensure that your coffee does not flow into your bag, there are two solutions:

Consult the opinions of internet users who share their experience with istohmer gourds and mugs of different brands. Choose a mug with a patented waterproof closure system. Some brands have worked on caps that really stop leaks.

Heat resistance of stainless steel insulated mug

A significant advantage of the travel mug over the cardboard cup is that it keeps your drink hot for several hours. Instead of rushing your coffee on the subway (before you get pushed around and spilled completely), you can enjoy your dose of caffeine throughout the morning. Finally this is if it is insulated, because a hard plastic mug will not keep the temperature of your drink hot. Which brings us to the next point.

The material of insulated thumbler

The material in which your mug is designed will make all the difference on these temperature issues. Glass or stainless steel, whatever. The important thing is that there is a double wall with a vacuum between the two which will serve to stop the heat transfer which occurs in particular in a single-walled plastic container.

For purists, it is the glass container that will prevail since it preserves the aromas of coffee, unlike stainless steel which can alter the flavors by giving it a metallic aftertaste. However, in terms of product durability, stainless steel wins because the glass breaks. Finally, note that an aluminum or plastic travel mug may not be the best solution for your health since particles of metal or plastic can detach from the inner wall and end up in your stomach with coffee. that you eat.

Size of steinless steel insulated thumbler

Size is also a determining factor in your selection. First, you will need to pay attention to the ml that your transportable mug can contain, and then to its weight (directly influenced by its capacity). If you are a small coffee drinker, favor small formats (250ml max.). If, on the other hand, you run on caffeine all day, opt for a larger container (500 or 750ml), just to avoid going back and forth to the machine. Please note: the double wall of the insulated mugs makes them heavier than a bottle of water which weighs only a few grams and whose weight depends almost only on the content it contains.

The price of stainless steel insulated thumbler

Ultimately, it’s the price that will decide your purchase decision. Note that a quality travel mug retails for between 15 and 35 dollars. Some are cheaper but will certainly not be waterproof or isothermal, so that is not of much interest. Others will go up to 50 dollars and more, but in my humble opinion, it is an excessive amount for a thermo of coffee. It’s up to you to find the best deal, and if so, we hope to receive your tips!

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