PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console : Detailed Review and Information for 2020 Year

Construction and features of Playstation 4 Pro

Like the PlayStation 4 Slim, the PlayStation 4 Pro swaps the shiny plastic on the top of the shell of the original PS4 for an entirely matt black shell with a slightly grainy coating. PS3 Slim owners will not be disoriented. Compared to the PS4 Slim, the PlayStation 4 Pro gains a floor and its dimensions are close to those of the original PS4. The PlayStation 4 Pro thus measures 32.7 x 29.5 x 5.5 cm (3.3 kg) against 30.5 x 27.5 x 5.3 cm for the PS4 of 2013. In practice, the size of two consoles is almost identical. The PS4 Slim remains more compact (28.8 x 26.5 x 3.9 cm for 2.1 kg).

Detailed Product Review of Playstation 4 Pro : New Features of PS4 Pro

On the front, the touch buttons of the PS4 have been replaced by the physical buttons far enough apart not to confuse them. On the left, there is the power button and on the right the eject button. Just to the right of the latter, the two USB ports are slightly recessed, which does not facilitate the use of a slightly thick USB key.

At the back, we find all of the connectors, consisting of the power connector (PC C13 format but two pins only), an HDMI 2.0a output, an auxiliary port (for the PlayStation Camera) , an optical digital audio output, a USB 3.0 port and an Ethernet port. At the bottom right, a small hatch gives access to the 2.5-inch 1 TB hard drive to replace it with a larger capacity model or even with an SSD to improve loading times. Note that it is rather easy to move from one PS4 to another by saving the contents of the internal hard drive on an external storage device.

The PlayStation 4 Pro also has Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac on the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. The integrated power supply can consume 310 watts, against 165 watts for the PS4 Slim and 250 watts for the original PS4.

Processor of The PlayStation 4 Pro : Is it worth getting a PS4 pro?

The big news of the PS4 Pro is obviously its much more powerful processor. Sony announces a gross power of 4.2 TFLOPS against only 1.84 TFLOPS for the PS4 / PS4 Slim. The AMD APU still carries eight Jaguar cores, but they are now clocked at 2.1 GHz compared to 1.6 GHz previously. The most notable development is that of the graphic part which goes from 18 Compute Units clocked at 800 MHz to 36 Compute Units clocked at 911 MHz, ie a power more than doubled on paper. The 8 GB of GDDR5 is also faster with a bandwidth of 218 GB / s against 176 GB / s on other PS4s.

This new processor allows you to take advantage, depending on the games, of a higher number of images per second or improved graphics. Our colleagues from EuroGamer were thus able to measure a notable difference in certain games: Call of Duty Modern Warfare reached the famous bar of 60 frames per second on the PS4 Pro while the rate is limited to 48 fps on the other PS4s. Other games rely on graphic quality, going from 900p to 1080p native rendering, or even 2160p for a few exceptions. Finally, games not optimized for the PS4 Pro run exactly like on the other PS4. To ensure maximum compatibility, Sony has simply chosen to deactivate half of the graphics processor units and reduce the frequency to 800 MHz to make games work perfectly, without any risk of bug. To take advantage of the power of the PS4 Pro, the games must therefore be updated

Is PS4 pro really 4K? Features of Playstation 4 Pro

Native Ultra HD for certain games and β€œstreaming”

The PlayStation 4 Pro works on both a Full HD (1080p) and an Ultra HD TV. On the latter, it displays an Ultra HD image in native definition, namely 3840 x 2160 px. It is the console that takes care of scaling games in 1080p to Ultra HD (2160p). As said before, games not optimized for the PS4 Pro run like the classic PS4 with one exception: they are scaled to Ultra HD. Some games like Days Gone, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Rise of The Tomb Raider use native rendering in Ultra HD (2160p) thanks to the Checkerboard process which improves the graphics. Some games under development, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, are developed with the PS4 Pro in mind and should make the most of the console’s capabilities.

The comparison between the “improved graphics” and “4K resolution” versions of the Rise of the Tomb Raider game allows us to appreciate the improvement in sharpness on an Ultra HD television. The level of graphics is then very close to what is found on a PC, with the difference that the PS4 Pro is limited to 30 frames per second where a PC is limited only by the power of the graphics card. and refresh the screen. Rise of The Tomb Raider is one of the few games to offer 3 options: High frame rate, Improved graphics and 4K resolution. The first mode allows you to play in 1080p at 60 frames per second and therefore to enjoy a very appreciable fluidity which brings the player closer to a PC experience. The second mode does not bring much in terms of rendering, whether on a Full HD or Ultra HD TV, and it is limited to 30 fps. Finally, 4K mode offers really finer graphics. This mode works on an Ultra HD television with native definition, but also with a Full HD television. The image is then downscaled to 1080p, but the elements are sharper.

Screen resolution features of PS4 Pro 

HDR update

We had a lot of trouble getting the Sony PS4 Pro’s HDR mode to work. First, we had to force the passage of the PS4 Pro to HDCP 1.4 to display an image on the TV (boot by leaving pressed the power button of the PS4 Pro until the emission of the second beep) then we had to activate the HDMI Ultra Deep Color mode on the corresponding HDMI port. The console then detects the TV as HDR compatible. As is the case with the Xbox One S and the Panasonic DMP-UB700 Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the TV automatically switches to HDR mode as soon as a compatible game is launched, which is the case with Infamous, for example. We are not the only ones to have encountered problems since many users complain on the official PlayStation forum of the incompatibility between the Sony console and certain Ultra HD televisions. 

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