Pilates floor mats : How should pilates mats be?

Pilates floor mats are very important if you want to do a health pilates. In this article, we wanted to guide those who said, “I want to work with the equipment, but what will I choose when buying a pilates mat? Thus, we thought that we would give a collective answer to the questions we received in this direction. You can see our detailed review about pilates mats below.

How to Choose Pilates Floor Mat? Detailed review and information

Pilates floor mat is at the top of the list to start pilates. When choosing your Pilates mat, avoid the thin and hard mats. Instead, choose soft mats that will not damage your spine. The most suitable mat for Pilates is 10-15 mm thick.

Which brand of pilates floor mat should be chosen? Pilates mats review

You can use pilates floor materials of almost every brand. However there is an important detail here. Be sure to choose the right product for mats. Because the mats of some brands are deformed in a very short time and you throw away the money you pay. Some companies do not accept mistakes or refunds. With the use of the right equipment, you can greatly increase your quality of work and your training efficiency.

If you plan to establish a long-term relationship with Pilates, it is best to choose the right equipment, the most important equipment.

Which size of Pilates floor mat should be? What is the best mat for pilates?

We recommend that your Pilates mat be at least 10 mm thick. 15 mm mat is always great. Pilates mats are not hard mats. They are soft mats that will massage your spine, so keep this in mind. You should not use hard mats such as mold.

Can you use yoga mats for pilates? Detailed review and information

The mats used in Pilates and Yoga are different mats. Since there are many standing poses in Yoga and it is aimed to feel the place, YOGA mats are very thin mats. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to apply the balance poses on a thick mat.

Pilates has a wide range of exercises on the back. There are many movements to stretch, strengthen and massage the spine. Especially, there are various poses performed on the spine such as Seal and Open Leg Rocker. Applying these poses on a thin mat can be quite painful and damaging the spine.

Can pilates be done at home?

For those who start doing pilates at home, it is necessary to spend at least 10 minutes each day. You can go up to 20 or even 30 minutes later. We advise you not to force your enthusiasm to those who think that doing it for a short time will be ineffective. A period of 10 minutes will be enough for you to get used to the program and achieve good results. We’re talking about a period that won’t be compromised for your concentration problem. In case of a concentration problem, do not neglect to interrupt or finish your program.

Which brand of pilates mat should be chosen? Here our shopping recommendations for you:

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