Make-up Brushes and Names for Women Make-up: Detailed Review and Information

When it comes to makeup, the ingredients you use are as important as how you apply. You may have a great foundation, but it may be difficult to get the best results if you don’t apply the right application technique.

That’s why it’s best to have quality makeup brushes. There are many makeup brushes on the market and it is very difficult to choose from them. Particularly watching makeup videos get lost among the makeup brush names! We have also prepared makeup brush recommendations to make your work easier in your makeup bag! What is the makeup brush used for? How to use makeup brush? You can see the answers below.

Make-up Brush Tips and Using Guide for Women: How to use make up brush?

Foundation Brush

The structure of the brush you use with a smooth complexion makeup is also important. You shouldn’t use every brush with every foundation. Foundation brushes are used to distribute liquid products evenly to the skin. These long, flat and oval-shaped brushes do not leave any marks on the brush while applying the foundation. And increase the concealment and help to achieve a more opaque appearance.

Flat and pointed classic foundation brush: The most common makeup brush. In particular, this brush applied to the foundation of the concealment is higher. You should use it like you’re painting your skin.

Kabuki brush with flat tip: It has a wide tip and is suitable for fast foundation applications.

Feeding brush: You can get help from the feeding brushes for both fast and natural finish. But after you put your foundation on, you have to check it in the light, sometimes they can leave a brush mark.

What are the make up brushes tips?

Oval Foundation Brush

Oval brushes with long bristles and round shapes are ideal for those who prefer a gibi as if not görünüm look in their skin make-up. If you prefer an airbrush look, a very well-distributed look, you can prefer “Stippling”. The L’Oréal Paris Infallible foundation blending brush helps make the skin look flawless by feeding the foundation like a second skin.

Illuminating Brush

Illuminating brushes are usually fan-shaped. You’ll shine brightly thanks to the fan make-up brush that fits perfectly on the cheekbones and spreads the illumination evenly.

When applying the illuminator brush, you must hold the brush horizontally, not upright. So you won’t have streaks on your skin, and you’ll get a natural look.

What are the best make up brushes?

Contour Brush

There are 2 points to consider when selecting a contour brush: the bristles of the brush should be both angled and dense. In contour application, the structure of the brush is important to mix the product well and apply it to the right place. NYX Professional Makeup Halo Precision Highlighting brush is incredibly practical with its soft bristles.

Angled Brush

An angled brush is a must for those who like a more pronounced and contoured look! The shape of the brush is ideal for applying to the cheek grooves, forehead tops and chin line.

Blush Brush

Softness is also very important when choosing a blush brush. Instead of full brushes, which make applying blush intensively to one place, a very natural result can be achieved with brushes that are flexible with their long bristles and provide easy control. L’Oréal Paris’s Infallible blush brush fits very well on the cheekbones, thanks to its soft bristles and angled structure, and helps to distribute the blush very easily.

Do you need make-up brushes and do not know where to buy? Here our advices for make-up shopping:

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