Is it true that the baby-child sleeps with his parents? By your side sleeper for babies


By your side sleeper and more will be reviewed in this article. According to experts, one of the most important sources of attachment is that the baby and mother lie on the same bed. Children lying with their mother have a feeling of trust. In addition, the side effects of the child not leaving the mother during the attachment period are quite high. Experts say that this is very important for the structuring of child self.

Children who leave their mothers’ bed at an early age constantly develop anxiety and fear. In the later years, the effort to come back to the mother’s bed comes out and the child has an insecure self-structure. Leaving the child out of bed early means losing psychological integrity.

As children enter the age of crawling and walking, the difficulties of sleeping in the same bed begin. Some families may stop sleeping with their children in this situation. However, they do not know how to separate their beds. This causes a difficult period to begin.

Does by your side sleeper for babies is good? Solutions to sleep together

No problem if you adopt natural parenting as a parent. But at the age of 1, sleeping with your child can become more challenging. In this case, if you say we should separate the bed, you should not expect that your baby will understand you immediately. This way of thinking is unfair to him. Therefore, it is necessary to think natural parenting from the beginning. After 1 year you may think for by your side sleeper for babies.

What is natural parenting? Can baby and mother sleep together?

A parenting approach based on Natural Parenting attachment theory. The first thing to know in natural parenting is that the best specialist for the baby is the baby’s own mother. Every movement, every sound and every emotion of the baby is a form of communication for the mother.

Tearing off the baby from the mother will panic and scare the baby. And the baby will suddenly feel like it has fallen into space. It is not right to suddenly cut the sensual contact between mother and baby. Therefore, it is necessary to act as carefully as possible and to overcome this critical period consciously.

When should you separate your bed from your child? Can baby sleep with mother?

As long as the places where babies sleep, it’s okay. Also, there shouldn’t be any heavy pillows, duvets or dangerous things on the bed. When these conditions are met, babies can sleep in their beds from the 3rd month. Many experts find it appropriate to separate the baby’s room from the 5th month.

Experts argue that the mother and baby should lie together, especially during the sucking process. It is stated that the inborn processes of babies are two years. They say that sleeping together during this time will also create a sense of trust. The final decision is yours, of course.

Does sleeping with the child prevent his identity development?

There are claims that sleeping babies with mothers can prevent her from developing identity. However, many pedagogues say that keeping a newborn baby apart from the mother is against both mother and baby’s nature.Moreover, the desire of babies to sleep with their mother during periods of illness or traumatic events should definitely not be ignored. The claim that an innocent baby sleeping next to the mother would hinder her identity development does not make much sense. And frankly, this claim is something that contradicts the natural structure of man.

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