How to wash your face properly before going to sleep? Tips for 2020 year


Like many busy people, it is not always easy to find time to take care of your face.

However, we have to maintain our well-being and beauty to look our best. And despite the fact that our daily obligations force us to go to bed later and later, we still have to wash our faces as best as possible.

First of all, we must never forget that if we go to bed with our makeup, the skin of our face, which is one of the most fragile areas of our body, will be very strongly affected. Also, don’t forget that at night our skin regenerates, and giving it a little boost will never be too much!

Also, no matter what time you go to bed, or come home from work or the evening. It is essential that you wash your face properly, even before removing your high heels!

In the following article, we’ll give you some tips on how to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful before you go to sleep.

How to clean face before going to bed? Some recommendations to wash your face

1-Spend some time there

Set aside about 15 minutes of your beauty routine to cleanse your face. If you manage to book this moment, you can appreciate the benefits on your face.

2-Wash your face well

Proper cleaning of the face allows the skin to breathe properly, thus regenerating itself while limiting the effects of pollution.

3-Be careful not to use soap

Most of the time, soaps do not help us to thoroughly cleanse the skin, and can also dry out the skin. If you still want to use soap to cleanse your face, try to consult a dermatologist first so that he prescribes a suitable mild soap.

4-Always remember to exfoliate

We should always exfoliate our face at least once a week, for that, prefer natural products or a good brand of exfoliant adapted to your skin.

5-Lukewarm water on your face

It is advisable to use lukewarm water when we rinse our face, because it is at this temperature that we can effectively remove toxins. Rinse your face gently as a massage so as not to mistreat the skin.

6-Have a towel handy

It is always good for your skin to keep a shower towel handy, in order to dry your skin without damaging it, because, remember, this is a very fragile area.

Some tips for cleaning your face by washing with water

If you don’t have time

On many occasions, we don’t have the time to properly cleanse our face. On such occasions, we advise you to use cleansing wipes. They are practical and participate in the hydration of the skin.

The best method to dry your skin

When you dry your face, we advise you to do it very gently so as not to stimulate the production of sebum.

Know how to choose your makeup

It is also very important to choose products and masks adapted to our skin in order to clean it thoroughly. Do it once a week before going to sleep.

The good ways to cleanse your face

You might think that the tips in this article are starting to become somewhat redundant. However, we will try in this part of the article to be a little more specific.

Eliminate impurities

In order to remove impurities and prevent the accumulation of sebum, it is very important to absolutely remove all impurities, and all traces of makeup present on your skin.

Start by choosing a special or natural soap (which you will be the only one to use). Apply lukewarm water to the skin, then apply the soap as a massage.

Finally, rinse your skin well to leave no trace of soap. To do this, the ideal would be to rinse the face twice.

Dry your skin well

As we told you earlier in this article, we should dry our skin well with a soft towel so as not to traumatize our skin. Take the time to dry your skin well and make sure it does not stay wet.

Nourish your skin well

After drying yourself, use a cream with antioxidant properties against free radicals caused by the sun and pollution. The idea is to spread the cream over the entire skin and leave it on for 15 minutes.

The benefits of properly washing your face before going to sleep

This allows oxygenation of the skin.

Cosmetic products are more effective.

This delays the appearance of the first wrinkles.

The skin is more luminous.

It helps to decrease the tired look we can have.

Elimination of acne and blackheads.The skin is softer and more beautiful.

You have cleaned your face and now time to use facial serum to prevent aging. Do you need a facial serum that includes Vitamin E and Vitamin C for your face? Here our shopping tips for you.

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