How to remove cat or dog hair? How do i get rid of dog hair in my house?


Your beloved four-legged friend leaves hair all over the house? If your sofa, carpet or clothes are covered with traces of its passage, here are some simple tips to easily remove them.

If your cat or dog likes nothing but napping on the couch, rolling on the rug or sleeping in a ball in your duvet (or even in your wardrobe), chances are you are following it trace and find hairs everywhere. Happy pet owners know that it is difficult to escape from fur hunting. If nothing can prevent your cat or dog from losing its fur (a phenomenon that is reinforced in the spring when they get rid of their winter coat), you can try to limit their appearance in the house.

What is the best way to remove pet hair from clothes?

The first thing to do is of course to brush your pet regularly. You can also protect the furniture and fabrics on which he usually sleeps by covering them for example with a towel or an old fitted sheet, easy to change and wash. You can also, with more or less success, install him a comfortable place to sleep and hope that he will not move too much. If a dog generally goes to bed in his basket without problem, as everyone knows, the cat prefers to go to sleep where he likes, that is to say anywhere else. Fortunately, there are some very simple tips to easily get rid of animal hair that still invades our interior.

How do you remove cat hair from house?


It sounds obvious, but it’s still the best way to remove the hairs that decorate your sofa or carpet. Do not hesitate to vacuum regularly, and use a nozzle fitted with a brush to more easily clean fabrics (armchair, curtains, cushions, etc.).

2-Use dishwashing gloves

Here’s a tip you can’t live without. Put on a pair of dishwashing gloves and simply run your hands over the cushions of your sofa or armchairs, the hair will stick to it. Advice: proceed in circular movements, you will only have to collect the hairballs thus formed. A method that also works very well in the Medor basket or on the cat’s blanket.

3-Use a damp sponge or washcloth

To effortlessly remove the hairs that cover your armchairs, your carpet or even the top of your duvet, moisten a sponge (clean of course) and pass it round the fabric. The hairs will agglomerate in bundles, you will just have to pick them up and throw them away. You can also use an equally practical washcloth.

How to remove your pet dog and cat hair easily at home?

4-Use an adhesive roller

Take a roll of self-adhesive paper and pass it over your clothes to remove hair and lint that clings to it. For best results, remove the top layer of the roller as soon as the paper no longer sticks enough. In the same way, you can also use adhesive tape (like the one we use to close boxes), by cutting strips of tape or by wrapping a little around your hand (adhesive side out) and by passing it over your fabrics.

5-Use a velvet brush

Perfect for removing hair from fabrics, the velvet brush works on both clothing and upholstery. However, take care to always pass it in the same direction and avoid back and forth movements at the risk of seeing the hairs redeposit in the same place.

6-Recycle an old pantyhose

No longer throw away your spun tights, they work wonders with animal hair. Slide your hand inside and run it over the surfaces to be cleaned. The friction of nylon will create static electricity and pick up the memories left by your four-legged friend.

Tips to remove pet hair? Remove dog hair and cat hair from home

7-Use an electrostatic brush

It works on the same principle as your old tights. It is a plastic brush of cylindrical shape which attracts the bristles like a magnet. It is enough to pass it on the fabric to be cleaned (sofa, carpet, clothes…). Another tip: use an inflated balloon and pass it over your clothes. The effect is exactly the same, the hairs will stick to the surface of the ball.

8-Test the softening cloth

New or used, the softening wipes are great for picking up cat or dog hair. The softening wipes that you throw in your dryer will find a second use here: use them to wipe the fabric cushions of your sofa or even your clothes, the hairs will stick to them.

9-Roller dog hair, cat hair, pet hair remover to clean home

You can also use roller pet hair removers to clean home easily from pet hairs, cat hairs and dog hairs. All you need to do is use these clever roller pet hair removers.

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