How to make vegan waffles?

How to make vegan waggles with mini waffle maker machine? Answer is here today. Make creamy vegan waffles inside and crunchy outside is possible now! You can now make surprise your loved ones with these waffles without animal materials.

After candlelight and learning vegan pancakes it’s Mardi Gras turn and we start making vegan waffles.

How to replace eggs and dairy products?

It’s very easy ! To replace the eggs you can use applesauce (150 g for about 10 waffles) or cornstarch (1 tablespoon to be diluted with water). If you need egg whites in a waffle recipe, to make them more airy in particular, use aquafaba! This chickpea water mounts like a egg whites.

For fats, like butter you can use vegetable margarine (we advise you to read the composition of your margarine before buying it, many contain a large amount of palm oil). You can also use vegetable oils from rapeseed, coconut, sunflower and even olive for salty waffles for example. Or make your own fruit butter yourself.

How to prepare waffle with mini waffle maker machine?

To replace milk, use homemade or commercially purchased vegetable drinks. Depending on the texture and taste you want to give to your waffle batter, carefully select your vegetable drink. Rice or oat drinks are very liquid, while almond or soy drinks are creamier and better suited for waffle batter. You can also mix several vegetable drinks, to combine their textures and give an original taste to your waffles.

Other alternatives: vegan oil mash, such as cashew mash, almond or hazelnut mash, is often found in vegan recipes. These purees (which can also be used as spreads) are very rich and allow you to replace butter for example and offer an additional flavor to your preparations. You can cook them yourself or buy them commercially, in organic stores more often.

Vegan waffle batter recipe

For about 10 waffles you will need:

350 g wheat flour

60g cane sugar

60g vegetable margarine

150 g applesauce (or 1 tablespoon diluted cornstarch)

40 cl of vegetable drink (soy drink)

1 packet of dry yeast

1 pinch of salt

1 tsp. to c. vanilla extract.

Mix the dry ingredients. Then add the liquid ingredients to the dough, ending with the vegetable drink. Let stand for 1 hour or even 1:30. Grease the non-stick plates of your waffle iron. Wait until it is very hot. Use a ladle to pour the batter into the waffle iron. Cook for about 5 minutes (time may vary depending on the waffle maker).

For your training, why not try our three vegan waffle recipes: hazelnut and vanilla included waffles, pink waffles (perfect for Valentine’s Day) and buckwheat and chocolate waffle cookies.

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