How to make a Christmas tree well step by step for new year’s eve?

Christmas tree lights and tree decoration for new year’s eve!

That’s it, the best time of the year has returned!

When you make your Christmas tree, are there any steps to follow? What to start with?

Not surprisingly, although there is no “wrong way” to decorate a Christmas tree, there are still a few things that will make your job easier and more beautiful.

Here are tips and tricks to decorate a Christmas tree from A to Z!

1. Get in the mood

Decorating the tree is obviously a joyful activity! If possible, take your time to do it rather than hurry and treat this exercise as “another task”. Then put on your favorite Christmas music or play a classic Christmas movie in the background.

Finally, with a good hot chocolate or a small glass of festive drink in hand, it’s always better!

2. Find the right place

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of choosing where to place the tree. Many homes are small or have little free space.

Here are the rules to respect, in an ideal world, for the location of the Christmas tree:

The perfect place is in a busy corner. So for example, not near the entrance or another door.

Do not place the tree near a fireplace..

Keep the fir tree away from heaters and other sources of heat.

Install the tree near a wall, which limits the risk of knocking it over.

If you have a large fir tree (or if there are cats that could climb on it!), Pass a wire around the top and hang it on a hook firmly fixed to the wall.

How to decorate the Christmas tree? Guide for chritmas decoration and illumination

3. The basis

Even if the most popular option is a base on which the tree is fixed and covered with a skirt, it is not the preferred solution of the pros.

For example, a large waterproof pot for putting plants gives a more polished look and allows more space to put gifts. This kind of pot should be filled with stones, bricks, pebbles or other heavy objects that do not fear water.

You can also use a less aesthetic and smaller pot, which is then placed in a more decorative container or basket.

4. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments

Natural trees, even cultivated ones, are never perfectly straight. If a branch that is too long annoys you or the branches at the bottom prevent you from fixing it properly, simply remove them with pruning shears!

If you rather have an artificial tree, you will obviously not have this problem, but it will probably be necessary to slightly ruffle the branches and place them harmoniously so that they do not seem to have come out directly of the box!

How to decorate new year’s tree with chrismat lights?

5. The lights

No matter what your favorite style of tree or decoration is, if you have only one piece of advice to take away from this article, this is it: install the lights first, before everything else.

The best way to do this is to install them from the bottom up, from the inside of the tree to the edge of the branches. For a well-lit tree, you can easily count 100 lights per tree base. For example, you will need 600 lights for a 6-foot tree, the most popular format.

The pros prefer to intertwine the lights directly in each branch of the tree, rather than just going around. It’s more work, but it gives the most spectacular results!

6. The garlands

Then come the garlands. If the latter aren’t too much of your style, be aware that there are plenty of other options that give a completely different look.

For example, it is possible to use beautiful wide ribbons, garlands made with popcorn, with fresh cranberries or even with pompoms! These are really nice and easy to make DIYs; you only need strong sewing thread and the right size needle.

For garlands, it’s the opposite of lights: we install them from top to bottom, trying to space them evenly. Besides, we do not install garlands inward, only on the surface of the tree.

How to decorate your christmas tree easily with decorations and lights?

7. Balls and other decorations

It’s finally time to install the balls and all the other decorations! Pros often have a theme or color palette, but of course there are no specific rules to follow.

Remember to put decorations in the middle (the trunk) of the tree and not only on the edge of the branches. We want to distribute them more or less equally. And even if we won’t really see them, it’s a good idea to put at least a few in the back; it allows for a well-stocked look.

If you have more special decorations (antique, which represent any souvenir, which are handmade, etc.), place them in plain view, in a special place; forward, at eye level.

Remember to place very fragile balls at the top of the tree, however, you never know!

8. The toppings

If you want to complete with, for example, ice cubes, crystals, berry clusters or even decorations on long wire (which do not hang, but slide between the branches), these ornaments are installed last.

9. The star at the top

No matter what you choose to crown your tree, it is of course the final touch. Congratulate yourself on your work and have a great holiday time!

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