How to maintain your sports shoes? : How to care and clean your running shoes?


Today we will review running shoes maintain process on product review web site!

Do you practice walking, running, trekking? Your sports shoes can quickly get dirty depending on the sport or be subject to excessive sweating. In order to preserve them, it is important to maintain your sports shoes. So here are some tips.

Your sports shoes are your main ally whatever the sport. Your sports shoes need to be cleaned regularly. Many people machine them but this is not recommended because you will damage them quickly. In addition, most of our sports shoes have a leather part!

How to maintain your running shoes? Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes

Adidas sports shoes have removable soles. Start by removing the soles to ventilate and clean them separately. Cleaning the soles is very simple: moisten a dry cloth to clean them and apply Marseille soap. Rinse and wait 8 hours for them to dry in a ventilated place. Avoid any heat source which could damage them.

If your sneakers are wet, put some newspaper inside or a shoe tree to absorb the moisture and let them air dry.

If your sports shoes are full of mud, let them dry and then remove the traces of mud with a bristle brush. Wash your sports shoes with warm water and soap, like your soles. You can apply a shoe polish on the leather parts.

When they are dry, spray them with a waterproofing agent. The maintenance of your sports shoes is then finished.

How to maintain running shoes easily? Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Shoes Maintenance

To be comfortable and not get hurt, a good pair of shoes is ESSENTIAL for your running sessions. Partly guaranteeing a good training, consider them as your best friend! Thank them for their loyalty to any test by taking care of them during the interview.

1- Neves wash your running shoes at machines wash!

Are you also one of those who machine wash their shoes? Bad idea ! Read what follows, we offer you a nicer technique for their well-being…

What you need to know is that machine maintenance harms the technological and physical properties of the shoe. This type of washing can cause detachment, shrinking or tearing of the mesh on the top of the foot. Not very pleasant to see your shoe deteriorate after some time of use..

Our solution!

To keep them in perfect condition, we advise you to wash them as soon as they are very dirty with soapy water and a small synthetic brush. If you run in mud, you can opt for this kind of washing. Warning ! Avoid bleaching and favor rinsing with fresh water.

If for lack of time you really want to spend them in the machine, recommend a temperature of 30 ° to avoid damaging them.

Maintenance of running shoes

2- Use them after hand wash

To best perform your washing, a few steps to follow:

1. If possible, remove the sockliner from the shoe and wash it separately.

2. Wash the shoe with a not too hard brush, a little hot water and soap (Marseille for example!).

3. Remove as much water as possible inside with a cloth.

4. To dry your shoes, avoid placing them near a heat source (such as a radiator): they must be allowed to dry at room temperature! It takes approximately twelve hours for a shoe to dry properly.

To absorb moisture in your shoes, open them and line them with newspaper or paper towels. Here you are lapped for a flawless washing!

At the same time, we do not recommend:

– Put them in the dryer

– Let it dry in full sun

– Use a hair dryer

Clean and care your running shoes with maintenance tips for shoes

3- Storage tips for running shoes

Be aware that outdoor storage promotes ventilation and drying of the shoe. Do you want to avoid the proliferation of bad smells? It’s simple: Banish storage in nylon sachets! Better to place them in a pocket or in a suitable shoe bag when traveling.

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