How to install shade sail on the terrace?

Shade sails are both decorative and economical solutions to bring shade and refreshment to your terrace. Different installation and fixing methods are available. Wondering how to do it?

If you want to set up a shade sail to protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun, you’ve come to it. Here are our suggestions for doing this perfectly:

How to install shade sail easily to garden or terrace?

Do you wonder how to install shade sails safely to your garden or terrace? Here the installing guide for shade sail to your home or picnic area:

1. Bring Shade sail to your terrace.

2. The location of the shade sail is determined by the occupancy patterns of the terrace and the course of the sun.

3. It is time to apply other criteria to properly place a shade sail.

4. Do not place the shade sail under the high-voltage line or the power line connecting the house to the network.

Installing guide for shade sails to garden or terrace

5. Make holes or drill holes for poles. And identify any pre-existing water pipes or cables under these holes.

6. Avoid placing the shade sail under a watercourse dripping from the roof in the rain.

7. Select a shade sail pattern for your terrace. There are two basic configurations:

8. Place a fixing point on the wall and two hooks on the poles. Shade sail is fixed to the wall from one end. The shade cloth is stretched on two poles fixed to the terrace. The end of the triangle (the smallest shadow surface) created by the shade sail is attached to the wall.

Sun Shade Sail Triangle

How can install shade sails safely – Review for shade sail installing

9. Place two anchor points on the wall and a hook on a post. The end point of the triangle formed by the shade sail is on a single pole. The shade area on the terrace starts to increase.

10. It is possible to combine configurations for more complex forms of shade gland. You can do this in the form of diamonds, stars or just a sail that is fastened to the masts. So you can do this without the port on the wall.

11. Change the heights of the fixing points to allow the shade sail to bend. Provides a more aesthetic appearance. This type of shape also allows better drainage of rain water than a flat sail.

How deep do shade sails posts need to be?

12. You should calculate the tension measure by adding a 20-30 cm extra area to shade sail.

13. Define the mast type of your shade sail. Poles are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. These are the best materials for the pole.

14. The poles are fixed to the concrete (a fixing length of one-third of the total height of the post should be placed on the floor) or fixed directly on a fixed plate.

Now you have learned how to install shade sails to your garden or terrace. It’s time to buy a quality and affordable shade sail. Here our shopping advices for you:

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