How to filter tap water? Longlast water filter review and information

Longlast water filter products will be reviewed today. Filter carafe, softener, ultraviolet treatment, tap filtration, water osmosis: many solutions exist for filtering tap water. Discover the characteristics of the various devices to make your choice knowingly.

Even if, in France, tap water is of good quality and drinkable, a household water filter can improve its taste and clean it by removing particles which may still be there. What are the various methods for filtering tap water?

The filter carafe and its cartridges

A first solution is simply the purchase of a filter carafe. It can hold two to five liters of water. Filtration is done by a cartridge which must be changed every month. However, a test carried out by UFC Que Choisir on 31 volunteer families showed that, in practice, the quality of the water from these carafes was degraded. Indeed, certain bacteria could develop there because of the stagnation of water.

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The softener to fight against lime

The water softener helps fight against lime. On the other hand, it causes overconsumption of water and significant discharges of brine.

Ultraviolet rays kill germs but not pollutants

If you want to get rid of germs, UV treatment can be a solution. However, it has the disadvantage of not changing the composition of the water and therefore “they have no effect on undesirable or polluting substances”, explains the UFC Que Choisir.

A good choice: tap filtration and activated carbon

The filtration on tap is done through a dedicated cartridge, usually activated carbon. It removes the taste of chlorine and retains lead, iron, pesticides and impurities. It thus works according to the same principle as what is called “filter media”, ie sand, activated carbon, but also calcite (if one wants to correct the pH of its water) or sand Burmese (against iron and manganese particles).

Binchōtan, or active white charcoal, is also used for its absorbent properties, especially in Japan. Thus, there are bottles in containers to remove impurities and neutralize the pH of the water.

Another solution: the filter bag, intended for water more charged with various particles.

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The water osmosis unit, the most efficient household water filter

The most effective domestic water filter is the reverse osmosis unit. This device is placed under the sink and filters the water thanks to its porous membrane which will retain 99% of the harmful elements still contained in the water, like bacteria and pollutants such as nitrates, copper or chromium. . Connected to the water supply, the reverse osmosis unit operates continuously and is neither noisy nor visible.

Sticky note: water filters do not retain lime (only the softener allows) and they all have their qualities and faults. Find out about the quality of your water and your needs before any purchase.

Where can I get information on water softeners? If you would like more information on water softeners, you can request free information from serious professionals at your locations that near your home.

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