How to buy a suitcase for travel? Detailed review and information

Hard shell? With a cloth surface? 4 Wheels? Rickshaw? Which color, which pattern? How to choose the best suitcase? What should be considered when buying a new suitcase? Who knows the answer to all this? Of course, our site is sufficient for this. Here’s what to know when buying suitcases.

How to buy a luggage? Tips and advice for suitcase shopping

Frequent travelers know well. No matter how much you pay attention, after a few trips, one of the suitcases is either torn or the wheels are broken. Of course there is much you can do about baggage damage after a flight. Sometimes the airline may even give you a completely new suitcase.

However, you need a good suitcase repairman for repair or for a edilemez non-repairable ’certificate. Of course, there are various companies that you can get service for. What is the most useful suitcase? Which suitcase lasts longer? What should be considered when buying new suitcases for traveling and afterward? We asked all the tricks to a suitcase repairman and thus a new 10-item suitcase guide came out. Here the details.

Top suitcase brands to buy

As always, there are many well known and high priced brands in the market. But we recommend that you give importance to product quality, not brand. Details and quality is important, not names. Well, how you will choose the right luggage? Here the tips while you are doing your luggage shopping:

Things to Consider When Buying a New Suitcase

1- Weight of luggage

Whether cabin size, medium or large, lightness is a must. Remember, you will already fill it. No matter how wheeled you will force your suitcase too much, and you will have to carry your suitcase many times by performing a lift-down operation. Moreover, the weight limits of the airlines will be another issue you should consider. So when buying a new suitcase, never be fooled by its empty weight. Always try to choose a light and quality suitcase.


The number of wheels is important if you usually use your suitcase for airline travel. Although 2-wheeled suitcases work very well, 4-wheeled suitcases are the most comfortable. When picking up a suitcase, pay attention to the way the wheels are mounted in the suitcase and the stability of the fittings. Suitcase damage on airplanes can often be caused by wheel breakage. Although the outer shell is very robust, small and poorly mounted wheels can cause problems. When choosing a new suitcase, turn it around without getting cold. Inspect the suitcase wheel connections.

3- Outer shell

Outside, colorful, patterned bright suitcases look very nice to our eyes in the store. However, if the material is fragile and thin, you may return with a broken suitcase, such as an egg shell, after the first few trips. Fabric suitcases are always the most reliable ones.

4- Expandable luggage

It’s happened to all of us. When you go on a trip, the items you carefully place in your suitcase will not fit for some reason on your return. So the expandable suitcase would be the best choice. Thanks to the bellows, your luggage volume increases by 20%.

5- Quality of stitch

Generally, the more expensive the suitcase, the better the quality. This is a completely wrong fact. In fact, one of the tricks of understanding the quality when buying suitcases is to look at the seams. Is the edge of the outer joints covered, lock stitching used? Are the zipper quality and seams intact? Is the handle a quality material? Is the suitcase sewn securely? These are indispensable rules for the long life of your suitcase.

6- Suitcase handle and material

One of the most important points when buying new suitcases is squeegee handles. Their suitcases must be made of durable and sturdy material and well-fitted. Open and close several times without getting cold. Look for any tripping or slipping. Measure the height and height levels with your own height. You don’t want to drag two twisted suitcases along the journey. And never carry your suitcase by the hammer. No matter how robust it is, the squeegee handle cannot carry a full suitcase.

7-Every inch is important

The interior design is as important as the exterior of your luggage. Carefully check the inner pockets, zips, eyes, compartments. A well-designed interior with compartments gives you great ease of use when traveling.

8- Let your color be certain

80% of the suitcases are black, whether on airplane, bus or cruise. This may cause your suitcase to mix with others and not be immediately selected remotely. So when buying a new suitcase, be a little braver and choose different colors.

9-Name tag is very important

Your name and address are very important to ensure that your luggage is not lost on board or anywhere. It is very difficult to claim any rights when suitcases without address, telephone and name information disappear.

10-Size and function is also important

It is highly recommended that you travel with a suitcase to avoid the risk of waiting, getting lost and breaking. Of course, the last choice is yours.

Do you need a quality suitcase? Then you should definitely check out our luggage shopping advices. Here some perfect products:

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