Home Decoration Trends of 2020 : The Best Home Design Ideas and Tips

10 amazing tips for your new home decoration in 2020 year

1. The yellow

Did you love the mustard yellow of 2019? Good, it is still there, and the palette of trendy colors is enriched in 2020 ocher shades or curry. Warm up your goods with the shining colors of sun this year!

2. The services

In 2019, we rediscovered the decorative potential of buffets. In 2020 we will definitely see amazin design services all aroun the world. Wood or metal, industrial or natural version, minimalist or worked, it is found everywhere, and it is used for everything from the kitchen to the office!

3. The XXL tiles

In 2020, the decor looks great. Not that small tiles have gone out of fashion, but large tiles surf at the forefront of trends for their more modern look, especially for a wall tile, and especially with effects stone or concrete!

What are the Home Decoration Trends of 2020 Year? Guide for Beginners

4. Iridescent hues

And if we slipped a rainbow into the decor? This year we will see shining and shimmering things at home in a thousand happy colors. Use your dream power! It is perfect for decorative objects and furnitures in your home design plan.

5. The textured white

Always trend in 2020, white? Yes, provided you give it relief! This year the decor is now textured with mixes of tone-on-tone materials and patterns in your home. If we try to explain other words, white yes, but should be hotter.

6. Watercolor

Watercolor effects will be in trend again. This, whether they illuminate the curtains or the bed linen, decorate a vase or cover a piece of wall! We will find them everywhere, and the inevitable panoramic wallpaper will not be left behind, promised.

7. The weavings

Once again, natural materials, crafts, DIY … For sure, the weavings will continue to influence the decoration in 2020. XXL wall woven version above the bed, macramé suspensions for plants or ultra-design on real works, we love them all.

Guide for Home Decoration Trends of 2020 Year for Designers

8. The mix and match

Rustic and industrial, artisanal and retro, ethnic and modern.. This year mix and match trends will burn all over the world. You should definitely check the mixing and matching colors and designs from Google search.

9. Paper lamps

We are not going to talk about natural matters again. You can be sure that paper works is back in deco this year and it is starting with lamps and paper suspensions in the design section. And since they are design, low price and available everywhere, we do not risk to deprive ourselves.

10. The tripods

Tripod, three feet: in 2020, the furniture stands on three feet rather than four, and it is as much for the tables as for the planter stand, the lamps or the service! If in addition we find them in wood with handcrafted finishes, we let you imagine the deco board.

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