Hollywood Hair Trends of 2020 For Women and Men

2020 women and men hair trends will be reviewed on our article today. Here the hair design trends of 2020 year. You can see it as men and women seperately. Details awaits you below.

For women

1. The cinnamon roux

Almost as close to warm brown as it is easier to obtain than a more vibrant red, it lends itself very well to the colder months ahead.

2. The short square

The short and straight square is a modern and up-to-date cut that comes back. This type of cut has many benefits, such as highlighting the features of the face. Several celebrities have adopted it, including Maripier Morin.

Hollywood women hair trends for 2020 year

3. The pixie cut

This is the perfect cut for those who crave for short hair, but who also want to keep a little length, just to change the hairstyles with accessories. Not only is the pixie cut one of the fall-winter trendy cuts, but it gives a classy effect.

4. The right square

This is the reference of the moment: the square right typical of the 90s, cut short, quite short, with the line in the middle. In turn disheveled or very smooth or shiny, this fashionable square is worn recently by the star model Kaia Gerber. The one that was on all fronts of the Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Week already inspires us for this autumn-winter season.

5. The degraded cut

The shag cut has not finished wreaking havoc. And for good reason, this hairstyle is the result of a sum of tendencies of the past. We revisit a cup from the late 80s / early 90s that originally inspired in the 70s. In 2019-2020, we adapt this clever mix between the degraded cut Farah Fawcett and styling rock to Patti Smith. The “shag” cut is particularly suitable for large foreheads and marked faces.

6. The Frenchy fringe

The trend is still at the fringe, and especially at the shorter one in the middle, way Jane Birkin. It is a living fringe worn today by Jeanne Damas, who wears Delphine Courteille. The advantage? Its ease of maintenance. “You can cut it yourself to keep it shorter between the eyebrows,” says the expert.

Hollywood hair trends for men in 2020 year

For men

1. The buzz cut

A military style cup made with an electric razor. If some choose to shave to an equal length over the entire head, others will prefer a skin-to-skingrade, to give this cut even more jaws.

2. The longer top

This style is suitable for all men and not bad all situations. It can be given a very chic look, but also more neglected depending on the occasion.

3. The toque (or man bun)

Long hair tied on top or behind the head, which gives a neglected, but always coquettish, bad boy look.

The best hair design trends for men in Hollywood for 2020 year

4. The inflated gradient

This cut also known as “pomp fade” in English consists in inflating the hair on the top of the head with the dryer and using a ointment or texturizing paste, then to leave the top of the sides longer, more inflated, in doing a gradient to the ear. To do this, your barber will have to cut with a chisel and not a razor.

The style is suitable for all men and not bad all situations. It is possible to give it a very chic look, but also more neglected depending on the occasion.

5. The curtain cut

You probably remember the Leonardo Di Caprio from the pre-Titanic era or Nick Carter at the time when all the girls were swooning in front of him. Well, in 2019, we take back their signature curtain cut, but with a touch more grunge to bring it into the 21st century with panache. We smooth it less, we leave texture, waves in the locks that fall on each side of the face, and voila.

6. Waves backwards

Do you have waves? Take the opportunity to make them lie down and place them nonchalantly backwards much like the actor Milo Ventimiglia. It will just remove the thickness, apply a conditioner from time to time and that’s it. The more the duvets wander and fall naturally, the more the sexy factor climbs!

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