Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Women Fashion Trends : Detailed Review

In the 2019-20 Fall / Winter season, trends are catching the high eyes. Colorful silhouettes are exposed on voluminous dresses. Season woman, under the auspices of the power show is entering the shoulders. The feathers widening the playing field, the independence of the title is a snap. Introducing 12 current trends of 2019-20 Fall / Winter season.

Silvery Daylight

The cause of the increasingly blurred line between A.M and P.M is none other than the glittering sequins that blend in between night and day. The sequins, which are always served by changing shape, are sometimes flirtatious and sometimes docile. Apparently, Celine, Christopher Kane and Dries Van Noten are among the timeless sequins.

Our Lesson: Dark Arts

Accept; Although it sounds a bit serious, dark arts is everyone’s favorite style lesson. The Grunge stream, which seized the 2019-20 Autumn / Winter catwalks, is more effective and noisy than ever. Obviously, pitch tones, wrinkled forms and deformed silhouettes that provide the return path are a guarantee.

Grow and Come Again

The Emilia Wickstead woman, in favor of the grandeur of the palace this season, doubles the Baroque exaggeration of Roksanda with neon colors, and the voluminous forms of Molly Goddard are waiting to be discovered as soon as possible. The dress is the constant of this equation. Exaggerated forms, voluminous silhouettes and embossed surrogates are found on the season woman.

Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Women Fashion Trends : Tips and Advices

Rehabilitation Designs

The Row, Jim Sander, Loewe and Lemaire’s collections are dominated by confused silhouettes, coarse fabrics and future modal forms, while Fendi, Stella McCartney, and Tod’s increase the dose of competition by signing in-time collections. It’s your turn to choose your side in this cold war between progressive-modern and traditional pragmatic!

Suit Mode: On

Gray flannel suits, which have their share of falling thermometers, are hidden weapons of the season woman.

The new version promises elegance in the front row of suits, the season woman’s fearless and daring attitude takes on.

Word is now on Neon

Fluorescent colors continue to direct the 2019-20 Fall / Winter season in full swing. The neon wave, which manifests itself in the 2018-19 Autumn / Winter collections, arises from its ashes with its increasing intensity. Neon colors, which started its popularity with the 80’s until the end of the 90’s, are with us again in the millennium.

La Vie En Rose

Romance is the strongest trump card of autumn – Valentino, Prada, Dries Van Noten and Richard Quinn. The glorified forms with micro-floral patterns, fairy-tale dresses and silhouettes that embrace dream gardens welcome the season woman with an eclectic and imaginative selection.

Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Women Fashion Trends : Recommendations

Rebellious Obedient: Leather Pants

We think seriously with leather trousers with rebellious and feminine character! Bottega Veneta, Isabel Marant and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, who survived the leather trousers in the 2019-20 Autumn / Winter creations, agree with us. As for Hermès and Roberto Cavalli, it is possible to say that they approached leather pants with cautious steps.

Hairy Matters

Liberal feathers become more light and feminine. Feathers promoted from the role of detail to the leading role, is moving firmly on the way to becoming a giant one-man squad. With their feathers resembling sea anemones, your paths will intersect with you very easily.

Stage Belongs to Pantyhoses

It all started with Versace, then with Balmain, Moschino and Louis Vuitton. In the 2019-20 Autumn / Winter catwalks, the mud pot exploded, and pantyhose finally left their hiding place.

Shoulders The Center of Interest 

The shoulder details in the power show are the focus of the next season. Saint Laurent’s hard-shouldered woman faces Marc Jacobs’ feathered shoulders.

Too Much Bourgeoisie?

The bourgeois feminism of the 70s is on its way back. The woman of the period, who made room for silk blouses, character scarves and intuitive skirts in her wardrobe, seeks to complete her appearance with a straight-cut blazer jacket. She likes coffee tones and dazzling diamonds; it also features magnificent necklaces on its neck. When he feels feminine, leopard designs come to his rescue.

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