Discover Digital Cameras : Detailed Review and Information About Cameras

Before you dive into the choice of your future digital camera, take a moment to assimilate some technical details that divide them.

Let’s start immediately, by discovering how a digital camera works.

Digital cameras (“cameras”) all have a sensor composed of cells called “photosites” that transform the light passing through the lens into pixels. The captured image is thus encoded and then recorded on the storage medium of the device (internal memory, removable memory card or mini hard disk). It is this digital storage medium that replaces the traditional film.

Intelligent Digital Cameras

The performance of an APN is not measured in megapixels. If the size of the sensor is indeed important, the onboard electronics is just as much in current use.

For example, the cameras offer “intelligent scene modes”: depending on the subject you are aiming for (portrait, landscape, snow, sport, etc.), the camera selects the best settings by itself. Result: exceptional photos in all circumstances.

In addition, there are many models of digital cameras that could be described as “connected”. Indeed, some have the ability to connect to the Internet, either via the 4G connectivity of a smartphone or directly WiFi. So you will be able to instantly share your photos with your loved ones around the world. This peculiarity is just as suitable for boring globes as for social epicureans.

Understanding The Focal and Equivalence 24×36 Cameras

The “focal length” is the distance in millimeters between the sensor and the optical center of the lens. Due to their compact size, digital cameras have shorter focal lengths than traditional 24 x 36 cameras. But to keep the same benchmarks, the manufacturers indicate the focal range in equivalence 24 x 36, for example “28-105 mm”. The first digit indicates the width of the field. The second indicates the zoom length at maximum magnification. The difference between the two indicates the power of the zoom (3x, 4x …).

When the first digit indicating the focal range is less than 30 mm, the lens of the camera is called “wide angle”. Very practical, this type of optics makes it possible to photograph in wide framing close objects which one can not move away. It is therefore ideal for group or landscape photos in case you are necessarily close to the subject.

Choose Your Digital Camera According to Its Use

1. Compact Camera for Simplicity

If the settings annoy you and anyway you do not want to dig the question of the focal length, the opening or the sensitivity? Prefer compact digital cameras. With them, you aim, you press the button and presto, it’s in the box. Their fully automatic operation optimizes shooting in all conditions, which is ideal for simply taking pictures on the go.

2.Bridges Camera for Versatility

The APN bridges are so named because they make the “bridge” between compact automation and high-level functions of SLRs. They offer you an irreproachable comfort of use and, when you wish it, possibilities of advanced settings. These possibilities benefit from quality objectives, well stabilized, with optical zooms designed to shoot very near and far.

3.Hybrid Cameras for Modularity

A hybrid camera is halfway between the SLR and the bridge. It takes advantage of the latest technologies in terms of image capture while enjoying a format similar to the bridge camera. With it you will be able to “create” your shots by selecting settings manually or automatically. Unlike bridges, hybrids give you the opportunity to change lenses, just like the SLR. Thus you will enjoy a compact and modular camera according to your needs.

4.Reflex Cameras for Creativity

Speaking to both amateurs and professionals, the SLR camera gives you a hand on everything that makes a beautiful picture. Shutter speed, sensitivity, lens selection, “burst” mode for moving subjects … they serve your artistic creativity by offering you the ultimate in quality. The performance does not exclude the simplicity: most of the SLR also offer fully automatic modes, to simplify the photo when necessary.

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