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The Lantusi HD 1080P Driving Recorder 4-inch Three Recording Car Videoare designed and crafted for capturing the image as well as the sound of the events that happen in the car, or on the road. Majority of the car drivers will install this item of consumption forward and rear-facing cameras. The cameras can also be fitted on majority of the law enforcement agencies for the quality and also for the trustworthy factor.

The benefits of this product

The product is an electronic device. Majority of the Lantusi HD 1080P Driving Recorder 4-inch Three Recording Car Video made available in the color black! The pack size will be 8.1 x 4.3 x 2.8 inch / 20.50 x 11.00 x 7.00 cm. This product is great for monitoring the places around the car. You will receive a video footage of the happenings around. Provided is the memory TF card. For using the device for data transmission interface is a USB drive; also the 5v. The storage capacity of the data is be up to 32GB, you get more and more of data saving.

The shooting range is up to 140degree; the pixel is great. The installation position will be the front side of the wind-shield. The driving recorder quantity is 1piece. Your product will come with good quality and long lasting product. The professional design and crafting are perfect for the car designs. The item for consumption comes with a 4.0HD screen and also supports 3recording mode. The device supports the rear-view function. The 12million pixels allow for 1920ร—1080, 640ร—480, and 1280ร—720.

Letโ€™s know about pros and cons

It is important to know about the pros as well as the cons of the Lantusi HD 1080P Driving Recorder 4-inch Three Recording Car Videobefore buying this one.

The pros

  1. The product provides 1080p fhd, reserving wide screen, 170degree wide angle.
  2. The item for consumption provides 4inch screen size, three-way recording, G censoring and car parking monitoring.
  3. Can select a different screen viewing mode, after and before double record, or outside and inside video recording.
  4. Safer vision, safe driving and safer mode.
  5. Automatic recording of the video and when to lock the screen when there is any collision or even scratch.

The cons

  1. Less color options.

Now, before you start shopping for the product

This product also supports options and functions such as motion detection, license plate-record, high low and standard gravity sensing option, and lastly the option of parking monitoring. This item for consumption supports various language options such as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and English and many more. The product Lantusi HD 1080P Driving Recorder 4-inch Three Recording Car Video package contains 1ร—driving car video recorder. Always buy the product from a reputed seller. Provided are five links; the users can click on the links and visit the sites.

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