Christmas Toys 2019 for Kids: Christmas Gifts for Children

Christmas toys for 2019 will be reviewed today. You can discover the 2019 christmas gifts and the big games and toys trends that will be under the tree this year.

The toys with the effigy of Frozen characters, board games or collectible, those of creative hobbies and other superheroes will make happy this year. What are the Christmas toy trends in 2019? In 2019, parents should spend an average of 134 euros per child for the purchase of Christmas presents, and it is the three-year-olds who are the most spoiled. To anticipate the purchase of Christmas toys, discover our favorites through this selection of trendy toys for Christmas 2019.

Collectible toys for 2019 christmas

This year, the “collectible” toys mark once again the great trend of Christmas 2019. The famous L.O.L dolls make their return, just like the eggs Hatchimals which are declined this year with small accessories and glitter. For 2019, Hatchimals also offers its big egg, but this time it will be “the biggest egg ever hatched,” says the mark Spin Master. Why are these small figurines being demanded by children? The miniature side, combined with the surprise and the fact that the little ones can collect them make the success of these toys for Christmas. Added to this are accessories for mini-dolls or collectible figurines. In this same category of miniature toys, children will certainly claim the new Awesome Bloss’Ems, Enchantimals or the My Little Pony and Polly Pocket, these small boxes and figurines that have passed through generations.

The best collectible toys for new year’s eve gift

These miniature toys are very popular with children. Pokémon, Lol Surprise, Cry Babies and Hatchimals … These games often create surprise and collect, sometimes to get more power in the game.

The Frozen : Toys that inspired by cartoons

Get ready for the release of the new cartoon Frozen 2, at the cinema from November 20, 2019. This will be the must-see children’s movie this end of the year, which will have a considerable influence on the choice of gifts of Christmas. Get ready: all the Elsa and Anna toys have recently been unveiled and the kids are going to be spoiled. Other toys worn by cartoons will also make children happy. This is particularly the case for the Spirit, Peppa Pig, Cars and Pat Patrouille toys.

Avengers: The Marvel Superhero Figurines Toys

Santa’s hood should still be filled with superhero-themed games, as much appreciated by girls as boys. With the latest movies and their characters super-powers, the year 2019 is full of impressive figures. Avengers, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Yokai Watch or Thunderbirds will undoubtedly find their place under the tree.

Connected Toys for Chritsmas gift

Among the other key trends of the year 2019, you will find more and more connected toys, from an early age. While children are already learning to code, the toy industry offers state-of-the-art products that are equally suitable for children.

Last year, the new augmented reality games made their appearance and captivated the younger generations to transport them to another dimension. This year Hasbro’s Monopoly Voice Banking works with voice control, Silverlit robots introduce kids to programming, and the know! From Ravensburger, this is the first connected quiz that solicits the Google Assistant to find answers.

Creative toys for christmas gift

Finally, as the must-have board games throughout the year, and especially at Christmas, creative hobby toys can also bring the whole family together. Children can then express their creativity and discover new passions: jewelry designer, decorative trend, or customization of clothing..

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