The Best Barefoot Beach and Pool Shoes 2020 for Water Sports – A Detailed Review

Most of you have probably experienced the disturbing feeling of the moment where the feet touch something anonymous underwater. In order to avoid this insecure feeling and its mood deficits, beach and pool shoes are the best solution.

Besides, it protects the feet from sharp or cutting materials during your swimming experience. When it comes to the quality, material, and features of the shoes, it is important to choose always the best for a healthy and joyful experience. A top 5 list of the best barefoot beach and pool shoes 2020 is made to ease the decision process for the best product for your foot protection! 

The Top 5 List of the Best Barefoot Beach and Pool Shoes 2020

1- SIMARI Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

At the first place of the foot protective beach and pool shoes list are the SIMARI water shoes for both genders made of 92% polyester. We are sure that the user will ask for comfortable shoes that will enhance the quality of the water experience. Therefore, the SIMARI water shoes are perfectly designed of Lycra material that stretches and takes the form of the foot.

As a result, it covers the foot totally just like a sock and guarantees a tight yet airy foot feeling. Besides to its comfort, the quick-dry effect protects you also from getting a cold due to wet feet. The designers of these shoes have asked the question ‘what does the beach and pool shoe user need?’ and the answer they got was ergonomically designed shoes that ensure the wellness of the feet during usage. Talking about its design, one should also mention that each sole of the shoes has 8 holes that provide a great drainage. As we mentioned before, elasticity is provided due to the material used and thanks to the locking mechanism the looseness may be adjusted without effort.

Thus, wearing the shoes at the beginning of the water experience and taking them off when the underwater journey has ended is very easy. Safety first! Thanks to the rubber material used for the construction of the soles, slipping and hurting your feet with sharp rocks or hot beach sand is totally protected. Last but not least, at the end of the number one description we would like to mention that they are very suitable for water sports such as surfing or beach volleyball.

SIMARI Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

2- UBFEN Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

UBFEN water shoes are designed just as the previous shoes. Additionally they are also made of stretchy materials that provide a comfortable experience whilst surrounding the foot and creating a sock-like feeling. However, the thickness should not be compared to socks since the UBFEN water shoes are thick enough to protect your feet from any anonymous material. Differently from the previous shoes, the UBFEN water shoes are very durable and resistant towards any unknown and harsh condition.

Thanks to its anti-skid convex dots the safety in walking and use is enhanced. Besides, due to their flexibility; the water shoes are very easy to be carried in a small bag. Similarly to the shoes that have taken the first place in the top 5 best water shoes list, the UBFEN shoes have holes to let the water drain out yet do not allow any small sands and rocks go into the shoes. However, these shoes do not have locking mechanisms as the ones in the first place had.  Finally, these shoes are appropriate for any beach and pool activity or even water sports.

UBFEN Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

3-SIMARI Mens Women’s Water Shoes SWS001

The brand that had taken the 1st place in this list namely, SIMARI is taking also the 3rd place. As many of the water shoes designed by this brand, also these water shoes are made of 92% polyester. A comfortable fabric made of diving material enables the feet feel comfortable and airy during the water experience. Its quick-dry feature is similar to the previous water shoes as well as the sock-feeling and flexibility.

Resembling the shoes in the second place, the SIMARI water shoes are easy to carry due to its elasticity. The uniqueness of these shoes is a result of the perfectly designed necklines that protect the angles of the user from various dangers. Additionally, with its ergonomic design; the avoidance of feet and toe shocking is achieved successfully. Protecting your feet from hot weather conditions or unknown sharp materials, the SIMARI water shoes possess slipping resistance.

The high-quality brand SIMARI has considered both the functionality and appearance. As a result, various colors and designs with multiple prints are keeping up with the newest fashion of summer 2020! Apart from the colors and designs, there are sizes available appropriate for kids, men, and women. Finally, similar to the previously presented water shoes, these perfectly designed SIMARI water shoes are suitable for water sports, yoga, and so on.

SIMARI Mens Women’s Water Shoes SWS001

4- VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

The VIFUUR water sports shoes are very convenient and protective thanks to the rubber sole and its breathable and soft fabrics that provide an easy stretch. However, it is thick enough to protect the feet and ankles from harmful materials and sharp objects.

In addition, the VIFUUR shoes are very easy to wear and take off and its easy-dry feature resembles to the previously described products. These shoes are appropriate for occasions such as water sports in general and outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging, walking etc. This mentioned feature is the aspect that highlights these shoes among the rest. Last but not least, various sizes are available for everyone regardless of the gender and age!

VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

5 – NING MENG Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

We pride to present you our last member of the top 5 best water shoes list namely the NING MENG water shoes. They are as comfortable and flexible as the previously mentioned water shoes and they have an airy texture that gives the feeling of freedom. These quick-dry water shoes are also very safe and secure towards unknown and harmful materials.

Its flexibility and lightweight design offers the opportunity to the user to carry it to any place any time. Additionally, thanks to its high-quality rubber sole; the feet are protected and a safe water journey may start without any worries. Similar to the other components of this list, the NING MENG water shoes are appropriate for water sports and beach/pool occasions. The emphasized difference is that this company provides a wide range of sizes. However, it should be noted that the shoes are smaller than usual sizes so, it will be better for you to order one size larger than usual.

NING MENG Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

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