Baby Bouncer and Baby Games : Guide for Moms

Baby bouncer is a perfect entertainment tool for your baby. However there are some games that you can play with your children. Today we will talk about the popula baby games that can be played with babies in months 7, 8 and 9. Here the baby games.

Imitation games

Baby bouncer is perfect for your baby to fun alone. However imitation games will work a better job for improving brain skills. You may like to mimic your baby’s voice and movements. So he begins to have an idea of ​​his own behavior and to establish a connection between his movements and other people.

As you respond by imitating his voice, he may listen and try to respond to you. Give him time to answer, no hurry. This game is a great opportunity for her listening skills to develop.

Toys as toys, such as a telephone or tea set, may be of particular interest as of the 9th month. As he sees you using these items in real life, he may try to imitate you with his own toy.

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Peekaboo baby game

You can play peekaboo game while your baby sitting on the baby bouncer chair. During this period, eration seperation anxiety may become prominent in many infants and increase in months.

One of the best ways to alleviate this is the Peekaboo game that teaches your baby whether they are here or not, even when they can’t see anything.

The simplest example of this is to open your face with your hands and say “Peekaboo”. You can also do this by hiding yourself behind a newspaper or blanket.

You can also hide an object of interest under a blanket or behind the pillow to help find it.

With this type of game, he realizes that the object still exists even when he doesn’t see you or the object slowly. So the baby is beginning to understand that these objects can reappear. Even after a while, he may even imitate you by opening and closing his face.

Another alternative to ”Peekaboo” game is to create a game by using the cylinder cardboard inside when the paper towel we use in the kitchen is finished. You can encourage a baby to pull off the other end by inserting and pushing a small slippery scarf or handkerchief from one end of the cylinder carton.

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Containers nesting

Here is another baby bouncer game. During this period, the baby’s hand skills constantly increasing, nested and overlapping containers can help to your baby for this.

Though he may not yet be able to nest them all, nest them in the right order, or stack them, but he will like to try.

The important thing to note here is not to always show him the right order and give him the opportunity to make his own discoveries.

But of course it is sometimes useful to show the correct use. These containers are also ideal for bath time bathing.

Sounds and toys

Most of the things that make noise in these months will be of great interest. He will try to make the sounds he hears over and over again. You can use sounding toys or kitchen utensils such as spoons and metal utensils.

In addition, you can fill rice, beans or pastas in plastic containers and bottles and shake them again. It is useful to make sure that your mouth is tightly closed to prevent it from opening and creating a danger.

Forward – backward game

Sit with your baby, spreading your legs. Push a medium-sized soft ball or other wheel-age toy towards him. And encourage him to send the toy back to you.

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