Air Fryer Review and Informtion: How an oil-free fryer works?

Air fryer (oil-free fryer) today will be reviewed on our article. Traditional fryers are boiling oil tanks in which the fries are immersed to cook. This cooking method gives crispy fries, but also soaked in oil. Oil-free fryers therefore use a different cooking method to cook less oily fries using only one spoon of oil.

How does an oil-free fryer work? How to work an air fryer?

Although the principle of operation may present slight differences from one brand to another, the idea remains the same. The fries are first covered with a thin layer of oil: a spoon for fresh fries, and nothing to add for frozen fries that already contain oil. Then hot air is sent to the fries and allows them to be cooked and browned with a minimum of oil.

It is the same principle as the grills that can be found on the markets. To generate the flow of hot air, oil-free fryers combine infrared heaters that heat, and one or more fans that circulate the air. On the oil-free fryers, a rotating arm gently moves the fries to ensure even cooking.

Air Fryer Review: Does it change the taste of fries?

Unlike baked fries, fries made with an oil-free fryer have the real taste of fries. They are not dried out, and if they have been cut well and the cooking time is suitable they will be almost as crispy as fries prepared with a conventional fryer.

Please note: this does not mean that you will find exactly the same taste as classic fries. In fact, what we take for the taste of real fries is in part the taste of cooking oil. Since much less oil is used with an oil-free fryer, there is bound to be a small impact on the flavor of cooked fries.

Some people prefer fries cooked with an oil-free fryer. For others, it is always possible to add a second spoon of oil: it remains less fatty than with a traditional fryer, and you will get closer to the usual taste of fries. Having an oil-free fryer is great, we agree, but do you know how it works in the end? The fryer guide team wanted to take a closer look to make you discover this “mysterious” operation. It’s true after all, how can you fry without oil?

Let’s remember the old fryers with boiling oil, splashes all over the place, and the liter we pour before we start. Remember also the oil that we keep for several weeks … In short, all of that today is over, for the great pleasure of health, practice and.. taste..

How does an air fryer work? Working system of oil-free fryer

We will make a generality here, because even if the brands differ, the operating system remains broadly the same. For those who already have an oil-free fryer, you know that you usually pour a spoonful of oil over the fries to begin with. There’s no need for frozen fries that already contain oil. Then it’s simple, it’s the machine that works for us. It pulses hot air on the food, which allows them to be cooked and grilled, all with a minimum of oil.

The technique is almost the same as that found on the grills that we see on the markets. Everything is in the technology of the oil-free fryer. To create this flow of hot air, oil-free fryers combine infrared resistors, the purpose of which is to heat, and fans that circulate the air.

Some fryers like the one we tested, the Seb Actifry, not to mention it, ensures the mixing of fries and therefore of the oil thanks to a rotating arm. Practical, not? It’s the technology that makes it possible to achieve such prowess with so little fat. Other techniques such as that used at Philips, in particular with its air fryer, heat and grill only with the ventilation system.

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