5 Ways to Clean Apple Airpods : Cleaning Methods for Earpods


5 Ways to Clean Apple Airpods : Cleaning Methods for Earpods

Many of us would like to relieve our tiredness by listening to music during the day. Listening to music to be isolated from the chaos of the city is perfect. We use headphones to avoid harmful effects during phone conversation.

Headphones are so important and one of the indispensable products of our lives. While the headphones have become so important, we should also pay attention to their cleanliness. You should perform the necessary cleaning for your headphones at regular intervals. If this is not done, your music headset prepares many microbes for your ears. To avoid this danger, you must clean your headset properly. You should also keep your headphones clean at all times. So how? Today we will review this matter below. Here are the details:

How to clean airpods? The most used ways to clean IPhone airpods with charging case

1. Dust Out

For a good cleaning, do not forget to brush your headphones with a toothbrush or ear litter. You should clean the dirt on the metal part of the headset. You should also regularly clean dirt from cracks on the airpod. When you remove these dirt, you will prevent difficult dirt from forming. So thus, you will not risk your health.

2. Use Soapy Water

Mix some soap and some water and pour it into the spray bottle. Then wipe your headphone with the cloth you sprayed on this mixture. Make sure the soap is not too much and the diaper is not too wet and do not compromise your airpod.

3. Wash the Silicone

If there is a silicone over your airpods, you should also wash these parts. You should do a thorough cleaning for this. You can refer to the headphone washing method. After removing the silicone, you can easily wash these parts with plenty of water and soap. Once you are sure it is dry, you can start using it again.

Tips to easily clean airpods : How can I clean my Apple airpods?

4. Use Oxygenated Water

If the silicone parts of your headphones are not removed and not suitable for washing, you can also clean it with oxygenated water. Pour some oxygenated water on the cotton swab and wipe the silicones. Thanks to this easy method, you will find that your airpod is clean.

5. Use Alcohol

There is another effective method for airpods without silicones. Using rubbing while cleaning your headphones is also one of the most effective methods. Clean your headphones with an old toothbrush. After that, wipe the silicones with the cotton that you drip alcohol. Finally, enjoy your music airpods after drying with a paper towel.

Latest model of Apple Airpods : Iphone Headphones with Charging Case

Cleaning airpods is very important for your ear and body health. There are thousands of ways to keep clean your airpods but they will still be dirty at the end of the they. In this article we tried to explain how to keep clear your headphones. Your health always the most important thing. By the way if you have a latest model Apple Airpods you can make this cleaning easier. You can take a look at that product.

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