4Pcs Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow – Multipurpose Makeup Pigments – Highlighting, Lip Setting and Nail Coating 

The latest fashion trends introduce new eye make up this season and it followed by multicolored eye shadow. Though this fashion trend is new in the fashion industry but it captures the whole market rapidly and the increasing demand for this product proves the same. If you want to add more beauty on your look then you must go for this Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow. This fashion pack comes with 4 multi-chrome shades along with light, angle shift and you can use this item for many purpose. Now, you don’t have to worry about your make up as this multi purpose shades offer you full coverage. By having these shades on your eyes, lips you can easily steal the mind of your partner. So, what are you waiting for, come and shop this women essential to glam up your look. 

The unique features of Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow

This Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow features high quality and offer you high pigmentation. One time application of this eye shadow can make your look attractive. Besides, using it as an eye shadow you can use Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow as a highlighter. You don’t have to apply much, so it will be more economical and time saver option for you also. 

  • The other feature that may surprise you that it can be used for nail coating, lip setting. 
  • So, its worth of you to invest on this for having futuristic look 
  • This make up kit has passed through skin test and allergic test to ensure the safe usage 
  • So, you will not face any skin issues after the application and you juts have to use cleanser to remove the shades
  • Another stunning fact is this Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow has been made from the ultra thin powder so that it will not provide you heavy feeling on your face
  • You will feel the smooth and rich application on your face and it will easy blend with your skin. 
  • So, if you are looking for sexy wet finish then this product is the must ahve collection for you. 

Disadvantages of using Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow

If you are looking for Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow, then you must know the disadvantages of this item too. Knowing in detail  about this eye shadow helps you in make up technique and help you to save your budget too. 

  • As this Multi-Chrome Shade Shifting Pigments Eye Shadow is highly pigmented, you can’t rinse it simply with water
  • You must have to apply cleanser to remove it
  • Before purchasing this product make it sure that no harmful chemicals have been sued in this multi-purpose shadow for giving it smooth texture 
  • So, it’s better for you to check the guidelines, components clearly before the application 
  • The poor quality material can cause serious skin problems to you. 

So, if you want to have this in your make up kit then must check out Amazon.com as here you will get original product.But, you must go for skin patch test before buying this. Here are some links are given for your convenience

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