10 Highlights in Choosing a Camping Tent: How to Choose Camping Tent Models?

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If your accommodation option is tent camp, the answer to the question “Which camping tent should be purchased? Choosing a camping tent among many different options is quite challenging. The price / performance characteristics of many different camping tents on the market can be confusing. You can damage your budget for your trip by selecting a camping tent that is well above your need, and you can turn your entire trip into a nightmare by buying an inexpensive camping tent that does not have the appropriate quality.

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We have reviewed 10 important points to consider when buying a camping tent. Here the details:

Choosing the appropriate camping tent for vacation

1. Number of people to stay in the tent

Keep in mind that the 4-person tent can accommodate up to 4 people. It can accommodate up to 3 people in a 4-person tent, but this capacity is ideal for 2 people in a tent for a comfortable stay.

The 4-person tent means that 4 people can fit into the tent without any space, side by side without any bags, materials, etc. Be sure to include your supplies in the number of people staying in the tent. Especially in rainy weather you may even have to get your bag inside the tent. An ultralight tent for 2 people can see all your needs on a journey alone.

Another important issue as well as the number of people is the size of the tent. The tent that ideal for a tall person, can be superfluous for someone short.

2. Terms of use of the camping tent

Each tent is produced according to different climatic conditions with the material, design and dimensions. A summer tent has a very light material and a lot of ventilation areas and is not suitable for heavy rain and strong winds. Seasonal tents will protect you from heavy rain, strong winds and cold.

3. Ease of Use

Every time I go to the shops that sell camping equipment, I have always envied the tents that have a lot of compartments, ideal for 4-5 people, even having a shade suitable for barbecues. 

Although there are no transportation difficulties for your journeys, I recommend you to stay away from hard tents because they are more than necessary to build, collect and occupy unnecessary space.

The simpler the installation and assembly of the tent, the better. If you have question marks in your mind, try to set up and collect them a few times before you buy the tent you’re looking for. 

4. Material of the camp tent

Carefully check what material the tent is made of. It may affect your camping process. So you should be careful about that. Although tents made of cotton are water resistant, they become very heavy when wet. It is very durable and long lasting compared to polyester materials. Although Nylon / polyester material is also water resistant, it is normal for them to be damaged by sunlight over time. Almost all tents have waterproof labels on their labels. Nevertheless, the cheaper ones are less durable than the expensive ones. Fabrics of high quality tents are made of special technical materials.

Where can I buy a quality camp tent?

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5. Weight

Are you going to carry your tent in your bag for long ways, hours? Are you going to use it for a camping trip? Will you be able to collect it when you wake up in the morning and set it up after carrying it in your bag for hours alone? You should answer this questions while doin shopping for tent.

6. Ventilation

For the first time, tent campers will be surprised when they wake up in the morning and see how wet everything is. Your sleeping bag or clothing is probably in contact with the side surface of the tent and you will eventually wake up wet. Your overalls and mat are wet and all your materials are moist.Therefore, ventilation in tents is everything.

7. Additional Features

What other features should be considered when choosing a tent?

– Number of doors. Ideally, they are double-door tents. You won’t have to try to reach out by crushing your tent buddy for an hour of the night.

– Number of windows – important for ventilation.

– Pockets – The pockets inside the tent allow you to keep your belongings neat at night.

– Garage – Closing the top of the door to protect materials such as bags, shoes to keep out.

8. Base material

You should make sure that the base material that is overlooked during the selection of tents but that becomes important when you start to use them is not sufficiently durable, waterproof and too thick and heavy.

Many tent manufacturers also sell more durable and sheltered material than the base of the tent called the footprint. This material, which has been prepared according to the model of the tent you intend to purchase, will protect the base of the tent especially from tears and moisture.

9. Price

As in all stages of travel preparations, the question how much money should be spent during selection of tents. Each traveler’s budget varies considerably. When it comes to tents, it certainly requires quality expenditure. A cheap tent will let you down in the long run. So price is important but quality: more. Do not believe the low prices.

10. Technical Service

Okay you have bought a nice tent but soon there were problems at some points. What do you know about the producer and guarantee? You should also answer these questions while buying a camp tent. Service after buying is very important, even: vital.

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